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    1750 need help finishing my 1750pt list

    Edit: oops, put 1750 into the title of the thread twice, if a mod sees this could you please edit that first 1750 out for me? Thanks

    Hey guys, I was expanding my army from 1500 to 1750 and I already have all of the models, with the exeption of two transports so id rather not go through any list changes, i do well enough with the army and do not need blaster trueborn or MSU spam.

    Here's my list

    Succubus agonisor

    5 Incubi

    10 warriors splinter cannon blaster raider flickerfields
    10 warriors splinter cannon blaster raider flickerfeilds
    10 wytches 2 shardnets hekatrix agonisor raider night shields
    9 wytches 1 shardnet hekatrix agonisor raider night shields
    5 warriors 1 blaster
    5 warriors 1 blaster

    Fast Attack
    3 reaver jetbikes 1 blaster

    Heavy Support
    Ravager flickerfield
    Ravager flickerfield
    Ravager flickerfield

    You may notice that my army is about 220 points shy of 1750 and missing some transports. This is because i didnt include the transports im putting on the 5 man squads, I cant decide on raiders or venoms, I know im giving at least 1 of the three squads a raider as I already have it purchased but i'm not sure about the other squads, and which squads should get raider and which should get a venom.

    Also if I go with thre raiders I should have 9 points left, two raiders and a venom and i'll have 14 left, one raider and two venoms will leave me with 19 points, any suggestions on what to sped these last points on? I'm thinking some shock prows on the ravagers or if I give the 5 man warriors squads raiders on them, that way I can try to get some late game tank shocks onto objectives.

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