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    2000 pts Ork Battlewagon Dakka


    I am finalizing my list for the upcoming Nova tournament in VA, at 2000 pts, and would like some critiques. I expect to see lots of SW, GK, and BA, and my goal is to try and outshoot and outlast them instead of trying to concentrate on close combat. There are three scenarios at the Nova: (1) Dawn of War with Kill Points; (2) Pitched Battle with 5 objectives (one in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the board); and (3) Spearhead with table quarters (the old fourth edition victory condition instead of the new 5th edition capture and control mission). Thus the format favors armies with durable and/or lots of troops choices and low kill points.

    Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field
    11 x Lootas (One Mek)
    10 x Lootas (One Mek)
    10 x Lootas (One Mek)
    30 x Shoota Boyz w/ 3 x Rokkits, Nob w/ PK and BP
    30 x Shoota Boyz w/ 3 x Rokkits, Nob w/ PK and BP
    30 x Shoota Boyz w/ 3 x Rokkits, Nob w/ PK and BP
    30 x Shoota Boyz w/ 3 x Rokkits, Nob w/ PK and BP
    Battlewagon w/ Killkannon
    Battlewagon w/ Killkannon
    Battlewagon w/ Killkannon

    The Lootas go in the Battlewagons, with all three lined up and the Big Mek riding in the center wagon, forming a makeshift fortress and gun-line. The Lootas open up vehicles and the Killkannons go after what comes out. If need be, in the mid to late game the battlewagons can roll in to contest objectives or table quarters. The Boyz screen the wagons, fire rokkits at vehicles if need be, take objectives, and add their weight of fire to killing infantry.

    Alternatively I could drop two mobz of boys to 20 each, and with the saved points I could buy two minimum size grot units (to bring me up to six troops choices) and four more Lootas (including some more meks to give me two meks per wagon for keeping that killkannon up and running). The downside is it is two more kill points and two of my ork mobs get a bit fragile.

    I also considered other upgrades for the Wagons, such as some Big Shootas to help when I get weapon destroyed results.

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