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    2.5k: The Dead That Keep On Dying

    Greetings any and all whom read this. I am an avid Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and GK player (who dabbles some in Chaos Spes Mehrines and non-depraved Space Elves) who has decided to try something -really- challenging: playing Necrons successfully and/or competitively. So here is my current 2.5k list:

    --HQ (295pts total)

    -Necron Lord w/ Rez Orb & Phylactery...155pts

    -Necron Lord w/ Rez Orb...140pts

    --Troops (900pts total):

    -10x Necron Warriors...180pts

    -10x Necron Warriors...180pts

    -10x Necron Warriors...180pts

    -10x Necron Warriors...180pts

    -10x Necron Warriors...180pts

    --Fast Attack (600pts Total)

    4x Destroyer...200pts

    4x Destroyer...200pts

    4x Destroyer...200pts

    --Heavy Support (705pts total)




    (Monoliths are just single models without options...am I allowed to post these point values? Someone please tell me if not)

    --Total points cost: 2500pts


    Fairly simple stuff here, really. If playing an annihilation game the whole army sets up in a phalanx block with one lord in front with whichever squad I think is going to have to deal with cc first and another lord in a more centre-back position. Two monoliths flank the sides of the formation and the other one sits behind (or, in the case of scary and/or overwhelming long-range firepower, the front) of the masses of warriors to ward off attacks from behind and provide a portal that can't easily be closed off by annoying enemies standing (rather foolishly) close to the giant pyramids of death. My destroys all fly around a fast mass of death that zooms around to whatever flank of the enemy where it can own face most effectively.

    In Seize Ground the same general formations apply, though Warriors will break off from the phalanx to grab objectives. Depending on the enemy force and/or proximity of the objectives, the monoliths might all start side-by-side as a moving wall to cover the warriors as they seize the initial first objectives. Destroyers do the same thing as above, save for the added role of rushing to objectives to deny them to the enemy towards endgame.

    For Capture and Control the phalanx advances just as it does in annihilation, save for one group of Warriors and a Lord sitting on my own objective as the rest moves to capture the enemy point. Once again, destroyers can bum-rush a point towards endgame.

    --Experiences so far:

    As I literally started playing Necrons at the end of last week I have not got to play very much, though I have gotten to war with my two regular opponents--BA and DE. I was thoroughly owned in the face by BA (FNP on MEQs is disgusting and Mephiston can go eat a bowl of frosted squigs) and all that needs to be said about that game is that cc makes Necrons sad (I did, however, drag it on for a loooong time with good WBB saves), but against DE I did rather well. It was a spearhead seize ground game w/ four objectives.

    My enemy one the roll for first turn and crammed all his stuff in his corner, anticipating an alpha-strike as I set up a wall of monoliths and my warriors--he had never fought Necrons before and did not realise exactly how obstructive Monoliths are so he set things up in a way that I got the corner with the least cover, but with two of the four objectives. One of the objectives was close enough to the edge for it to be held by a squad in my phalanx (sitting behind the monoliths) and another was covered by a squad just behind the phalanx. Stupidly, I had forgotten to deploy my Destroyers until halfway through my turn so I had to count theem as in reserve.

    I seized initiative and managed to immobilise a couple vehicles with a barrage of Particle Whips. On his turn he rushed forward, unloaded splinter cannons from venoms onto any and all warriors he could line up shots against (between my armour saves and WBB rolls he only got rid of 2-3). His darklances focused-fired on one monolith, managing to weapon-destroy it twice and stunning it. Wyche units whom had jumped out of his Raiders charged two Monoliths (the already damaged one and another) with Haywire grenades putting the weapon-destroyed results to four on the damaged one, and weapon destroying the previously undamaged one twice. On my next turn I rolled my WBB, and re-deployed my most beatup squad (which was not too terribly harmed) through my unmolested monolith--very close to the third objective and the impressive Citadel Terrain ruin that accompanied it. My Warriors re-position for some retaliatory fire and 2 destroy squads come in. On my shooting phase my unmolested monolith flux arc'd a few nearby venoms--stunning on--and also knocked a few wyches off of one squad, and the non-stunned monolith obliterated a large chunk of his Beastmaster blob. The Warriors turned their weapons on the Wyches and massacred them, while the destroyers wreaked a skimmer and were 3 lucky flicker-field saves from killing another one. Eventually it turned into an attrition battle of whittling away at each other, which greatly infuriated my opponent to the point where he conceded because the fighting was not fast-paced enough (and I think I was winning too xD).

    ---Final Thoughts

    Well, I never did expect to stand much of a chance against BA, and my ability to stand up to DE was a rather pleasant surprise. Currently I am wondering if changes should be made to this list and what should they be. I am considering axing a monolith, the phylactery (it is only there because I had 15 points to spare), and even a warrior squad to add in Heavy Destroyers simply for the sake of dealing with Mephiston and/or other 2+ fiends (while getting some added anti-heavy armour power), 3 more normal destroyers (I hear 15 destroyers are a nice thing to have) and/or an immortal squad (for the lord at the centre-back of the phalanx).

    Please comment & (constructively) criticise!

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    Honestly, a Ctan (particularly the Deceiver) has always earned his points back for me. Especially as an excellent counter assaulting unit! Maybe drop a squad of warriors/monolith and one of those lords to replace him in? Just a suggestion. There's nothing in that list to deter big nasties from just charging head long into your warriors. Yes the monoliths might make a nice wall he can't penetrate, but any fast movers/fliers and such will just hop over them and ruin the day
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