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Thread: 2000 Point List

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    2000 Point List

    Hey, I'm just starting with the Necrons, at my club they mainly play SM or GK, but I don't wish to tailor a list to take on them, i prefer to play i want to, so here is my list, criticism is appreciated as this is my first attempt at making a army list with any army lol. So here goes....

    Necron Lord w/Staff of Light and Resurrection Orb: 140 Points
    Necron Lord w/Staff of Light and Veil of Darkness: 160 Points

    Necron Warrior Squad: 10 Models: 180 Points
    Necron Warrior Squad: 10 Models: 180 Points
    Necron Warrior Squad: 9 Models: 162 Points

    Necron Immortal Squad: 7 Models: 196 Points

    Fast Attack:
    Scarab Swarm: 7 Models w/Disruption Field: 112 Points
    Necron Destroyer Squad: 4 Models: 200 Points
    Necron Destroyer Squad: 4 Models: 200 Points

    Monolith: 235 Points
    Monolith: 235 Points

    Total: 2000 Points

    Total Models: 53
    Total Necrons: 46
    Phase Out with 11 Necrons.

    Now what I want to do with this army is:

    Necron Lord with Res Orb stays and babysits the Warriors. Whilst forming a "phalanx" style formation with a Monolith.
    The other Necron lord with VOD teleports the immortals around the table harrasing vehicles and/or tough units.
    The destroyers will also work their way up on a flank, harrasing other vehicles and/or tough units.
    The Scarabs will also be looking to have their way with vehicles.
    I am looking for the last Monolith to be in reserve and to deep strike within the enemy main force, using the Flux arc projectors for their main purpose, or maybe teleport a squad of warriors to perform a late cap, or provide some extra power. Again this is my first army that I am wishing to build in wargaming, so help would be much help.
    Thankyou very much in advance.

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    minimum squad size of warriors is 10, you need to rewrite your list, also you phase out at 12 necrons, you round it up

    But anyways hints etc hide warriors behind monoliths only have two squads, but make them bigger squads, remove immortals and VOd lord, add destroyer lord w/warscythe, phase shifter,res orb, and heavy destroyers if u can fit em. how does that sound?

    as the scarabs technically have scouts you could hide th lord with them and turbo boost, enjoy the 2+ cpver save to hid th lord in
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