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Thread: 2K tourney list

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    2K tourney list

    Heya ppls,

    Just looking for some possible constructive criticism on a list that I am thinking of taking to a tourney sometime up in november.
    I went with an assaulty list last year and won 3 games, tied 1 and lost 1 to an IG gunline. I felt I wanted to go with a MC block list this year and see how things would pan out.

    HQ - Hive tyrant - LW&BS, HVC, Old Adversary, leech essence, paroxysm (+2 Tyrant guard) - [340]

    Troops - Tervigon - Ad Glands, Tox Sacs, Catalyst [195]
    Troops - Tervigon - Ad Glands, Tox Sacs, Catalyst [195]
    Troops - Termagaunts - 20 x fleshborers [100]
    Troops - Termagaunts - 21 x fleshborers [100]

    Elites - Hive Guard x 3 [150]
    Elites - Hive Guard x 3 [150]
    Elites - Venomthropes x 2 [110]

    Heavy - Trygon Prime [240]
    Heavy - Trygon Prime [240]
    Heavy - Biovores x 3 [135]

    Fast - Spore mine cluster x 4 [40]

    The theory is pretty simple. Advance the whole army, shooting at armour that is in range while trying to keep as much as possible within range of the venomthropes for cover saves and resistance to charges. Cast FNP as necessary from the tervigons while keeping the gaunts in the road of anything trying to assault your army and have the counter assault hopefully wipe out as much as possible. The other options I was thinking of was to swap out the trygons for some other forms of counter assault units like genestealers or warriors for more synapse. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

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    The list looks alright, with a slight adjustment youd be fine.

    The main thing is the tyrant is abysmal. Never ever take 1 ranged and 1 CC weapon. Always always specialise! Also HVC's are somewhat of a waste on tyrants, stranglethorns and devourers do anti infantry much better than the cannon and devourers are actually better at anti tank for Av 10 and 11. Also you only really need 1 tyrant guard to get cover saves.

    With that in mind, you could lose the spore mines and a TG, and exchange the venomthropes for 3 zoanthropes in a pod.

    Thats about all i can suggest, everything else is fine.
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