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    Doubles Tournament 1250 each, random teams

    Tourny coming up next week.

    It is a doubles tournament, 1250 each person, but the teams are random.

    I have two lists I want to bring, help me decide which you think is better and more versatile for the wide variety of teams I could be stuck with.

    List 1. Boom Gun Mek


    Big Mek with KFF


    Trukk Boys 12 boys, nob, pk, pole, trukk, ram
    Trukk Boys, same
    Trukk Boys, same
    Shoota Boys, 20 boys, nob, pk, pole, 2x big shoota
    Shoota Boys, 19 boys, nob, pk, pole, 1x big shoota


    Battle wagon, deff rolla, armour plates, kanon (not killy), big shoota

    Battle wagon, same

    Looted wagon, big shoota, boomgun

    Total: 1250

    List 2, Warboss and rokkits


    Big mek w/ KFF

    Warboss w/ PK, cybork, 'eavy armor


    Trukk boys, 12 boys, nob, pk, pole, trukk, ram
    Trukk boys, same
    Trukk boys, same
    Shoota boys, 19 boys, nob, pk, pole, rokkit
    Shoota boys, same


    Battle Wagon, deff rolla, kanon, big shoota, armor plates, grot riggers
    Battle Wagon, same

    Total 1249

    My thoughts on these lists: I like list 1 because the Boomgun will most likely be a target, keeping the heat off the rest of my vehicles for a turn not to mention pie plate scatter being less a problem with 2500 points of models on my oponents' field, but list 2 is nice for the couple extra rokkits, the grot riggers to keep the wagons moving, and the extra assault power of the warboss. What are some opinions on which list would be best for this type of tourny?

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