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    1000 pt all comer list. Does it have enough?

    Here is a new all comers list I will be testing shortly. The majority of armies I face are Orks (nearly all with ghazgkhull), A few Chaos, the inevitable Space Marines *sigh* , one other Tau list and a possible Tyranid (I think it's more orientated around hordes than MCs).

    Tau 1000pt

    XV8 Command Team: 1x Crisis Shas’ el, 2x Crisis Shas’ vre, 3x Plasma rifle, 261
    3x Fusion blaster, 3x Targetting array, 3x Hardwired multitracker.

    XV8 Team: 3x Crisis suits, 3x plasma rifle, 3x missile pod, 3x Multitracker. 186
    XV8 Team: 2x Crisis Suits, Twin linked missile pod, Targetting array. 106

    Firewarrior squad: 6x Firewarriors. 60
    Kroot squad: 10x Kroot. 70

    Heavy Support
    XV88 Team: 2x Broadside battlesuits, 2x Smart Missile System, 2x targeting arrays. 160
    Hammerhead Gunship: Railgun, 2x Burstcannons, Disruption pod. 155

    Total 998

    The main plan is to put the broadsides at the back somewhere, hopefully in cover and screen them with the firewarriors (I figured they had longer range guns so could afford it). The hammerhead hangs back in the opposite corner pie plating anything that moves while the deathrains cower behind it for cover. The fireknives and helios suits will get nice and close to the biggest threats and do as much damage as possible(I'm good with distances) while the kroot are either infiltrated, outflanked or used as a blocking unit depending on the scenario. Any advice would be appreciated

    Incidentally, does anyone know what it means when there are 5 stars next to the name of a thread (I know it means it's good I was just wondering if it signifies anything else)?

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