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    Tournament list for this Saterday

    I usually don't post here with my lists, but i have some changes to my list and will not get any time to test the list so i am trying to see if you can find some holes in my list. The biggest change is that i am trying to squeeze in some Venomthropes into the list.

    Hive Tyrant 230tps (I'm wiling to get rid of this guy if you have something else that you'd think would work better.)
    -2 sets of Scything Talons and Wings.

    Hive Tyrant 340pts (This guy is very reliable and survivable. Which is why i take him as is.)
    -Lash whip and Bone Sword, Venom Cannon, Old Enemy.
    -2 Tyrant Guard

    Hive Guard 150pts

    Zonathropes 180pts (I pack in the extra anti-tank because of the stupid numbers of Landraiders i am likely to fight. Also, it never fails for this unit to attract way more fire then they need.)

    Venomthropes 110pts (I have 2 in this unit now but it makes my list over points by one Venomthrope. I just can't see one being any use though. Thoughts?)

    Tervigon 195pts
    -Catylist, Cluster Spines, Toxic Sacs, Adenine Glands.

    Tervigon 195pts
    -Catylist, Cluster Spines, Toxic Sacs, Adenine Glands.

    Deathguants 100pts

    Spineguants 90pts (I have no problem making this a 10 man squad instead of 15.)

    Trygon 200pts

    Tyranofex 265pts

    A Tau Player, 2 Orks, 3 Chaos, At least 3 Grey Knight Players, 2 Space Marines, Another Tyranid Player and a Imperial Guard Player will be there along with 6 others that I don't know what they will bring. I usually do well enough in these Tournaments with similar lists.

    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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    Firstly your Hive Tyrants. Your first one would work. Your second one is also good, but the general census is that you have double-dakka or double-choppa. So I would remove the Lash-whip and Bonesword and give him Twin-Linked Devourers instead.

    I would also very highly recommend taking a Mycetic Spore for the Zoanthrope Brood - your enemy would have the brain capacity of a water-biscuit if they didn't try kill these off as soon as possible. Or you could risk them being killed before you using them and have the opportunity (depending on where the Land Raiders are deployed) to can a tank in the first round. I would not advise for the latter unless your opponents either have not fought many Zoanthropes before or they don't realise their potential, in which case go for it.

    In regards to the Venomthropes, one works perfectly fine. I find that having 2 or 3 is good to absorb wounds but essentially it makes little difference otherwise. You won't get too much more of an area covered. By removing a Venomthrope, you can afford the Twin-Linked Devourers and the Mycetic Spore.

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