Hey you all,

a game buddy from our LGS offered me a challenge: do your worst vs a IG heavy Mech list.

So I thought, let's try something else than the simple, straight forward venom span list.
I thought about a mixture of the classic solutions combined with the 'coolest' AT weapons we have: Assault!

So let me explain to you my idea:
1750 points 2000 upgrades

WWP deploy system:
Heamy, VB, LG, WWP (Venom Blade because it is too effective vs IG not to bring)
3x Wracks in Venom, Which I expect to be blown to pieces after WWP is deployed

8x mandrakes +upg Nightfiend +1
Serve as a hiding place for the Heamy and also to have some footprint on the map to force the enemy to choose not to come too close. The Pain token works as an effectiveness x2 button for the Mandrakes, they go from Bleh to Yeah, why not? With S4 I don't need special weapons to charge a vehicle standing still.

4x Blaster Trueborn
in Venom I don't expect to see these ones live long neither, I was thinking that Poison is a little wasted on IG and I don't want to kill off squads with vehicles, only soften them up and run them down with infantry or MC!.
For the classic AT and Dakka Dakka

5x Warriors with Blaster
in Venom + GT I'm hoping to be able to hold it back a little and don't get shot too soon.
Scoring Support

5x Scourges 2x HwB
For Stunlocking vehicles from turn 1

10x Scourges 2x HwB + 2x HL
+upg Solarite with BP, VB
For Stunn locking vehicles from turn 1 and killing off vehicles beyond turn 2 (coming out of WWP in DoW)

2x 3x This is the biggest change: more and more Wyches!
7x Wyches HwG
+ upg Hekatrix + Vb + BP (these options are as cheap as Agon but more effective choice vs IG, I believe)
These will run out of the WWP, into multiple combat with tanks, and hopefully some Guardsmen, to lock in combat.
7 Isn't a great number but I didn't find the points for more.

Ravager +FF +NS +EA
Classic AT Dakka, to encourage the opponent to come closer I have chosen the Night Shield, it might prove useless vs IG but I took it to negate Melta range

Cronos + Spirit Probe +Spirit Vortex
I hope to get some extra pain tokens out this one to reïnforce my big Scourge unit or give mandrakes Furious Charge to start ripping vehicles up.
Of course Wyches are a great target too.
But I was thinking on giving the first token to the Talos or itself as the guardsmen it is in combat with would be likely to break

Talos + TL HL + Chainflails
I'm having high expectations for this one: I see him as the finishing piece to the IG tanks. I would like to have a pain token on him soon, to discourage shooting on him.

Total 1748 Total 1998

Basically the idea is to get the most out of Haywire Weapons, I do believe is is one of the most interesting AT weapons, before GK got ignore shake & stun. It looks to me something is going to change vehicle damage in 6th edition.

Ok, I'm going to test this this weekend, looking forward to it!