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    2000pt Friendly List v.s Daemons

    I had an awesome battle against the Daemons yesterday (Saturday), but i wanted to show you guys the list that i used & what you's think &/or should have taken, well here it is:

    Archon + Agoniser + Combat Drugs + Shadow Field = 120
    Haemonculus + Venom Blade = 55

    2x 5 Incubi = 220
    8 Bloodbrides + Syren + Agoniser + 2 Shadnets & Impalers + Razorflails = 177

    2x 10 Kabalite Warriors + Sybarite + Agoniser + Splinter Cannon = 260
    2x 10 Wyches + Hekatrix + Agoniser + Shadnets & Impalers + Razorflails = 300
    Dedicated Transport
    4x Raiders + Enhanced Aethersails + Night Shields + Flickerfields = 340
    2x Venoms + Splinter Cannon + Night Shields = 150

    Fast Attack
    2x 5 Scourges + 2 Splinter Cannons = 260

    Heavy Support
    Talos + Chain-flails + Twin-linked Heat Lance = 120


    It was a hardcore battle & i finally got to use the Venoms & the Scourges fire power properly & all i've got to say about them is DAMN! they can pump out a lot of shots & now my mate dislikes Venoms lol & the Incubi go off. Anyways enough bragging lol.

    Any & all help is well appreciated thanx.

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    Looking at your list, Im tryin to figure out your vehicle allocation.... And Im also curious if this list was meant to be a more generalized list than just vs. Daemons. Versus just Daemons, I'd put a venom blade on everything that has the agonisers... cheaper, and a bit more effective....

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    What you should have taken, depends greatly on what you want this list to do? Only fight Deamons or all-comers? Do you want to be friendly/fluffy/themed or full-out competitive?

    I personally have my doubts about 10 Warrior squads with Sybarite kitted for close combat. I feel warriors shouldn't be in CC and don't need to invest in being good at it.
    Wyches, I don't see the need in having 10 and always would opt HwG, unless you only fight Deamons. I prefer only to use S&I upgrade as the other are too expensive for what they add to the unit.

    I'm afraid you Bloodbrides unit is illegal: you have 3 special weapons and only 8 Bloodbrides...

    I am curious to hear about how you used this list and what units preformed well or were not worth their cost.

    I don't have much experiences vs Deamons but I would always give my Heamy a LG. Furthermore I would opt for the classic Venom Spam to SC them to death.

    I'm also a little surprised to see only a Talos in heavy support. Razorgwing is huge vs hordes and any infantry and Ravager can help to insta-kill T4 buggers.

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