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    2000pt all comers

    Basically I just play friends but I want to have a serious list going.
    Main opponents are Space Marines (normal, Blood Angels and Space Wolves) and Imperial Guard.
    This is pretty much a list with a lot that can get in quick but it also has some heavy hitters as well.

    Hive Tyrant
    -lash whip/bonesword, scything talons, wings, hive commander, leech essence, psychic scream

    - crushing claws, catalyst

    (2) Hive Guard


    (2) Zoanthrope

    (3) Tyranid Warriors
    - 2 deathspitters, barbed strangler

    (3) Tyranid Warriors
    - 2 deathspitters, venom cannon

    ( Genstealers + Broodlord

    (5) Raveners
    - rending claws

    (20) Gargoyles

    Trygon Prime


    There are a lot of big things that can draw fire and still survive and with the gargoyles and tervigon there is still enough to have a lot of little guys.
    Any comments are welcome

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    Sadly there's 2 huge problems - a crippling lack of anti tank and an excess of units that just aren't worth anything.

    On the anti tank front, unless your opponents don't play mech (which having IG and angels in the mix I doubt) 2 hive guard just doesn't cut it and footslogging zoanthropes is just screaming to be shot down in seconds because they're fragile and slow. You need a mycetic spore to make them worth while. At 2k, the first thing to go into a list is 2 broods of 3 Hive guard. Before troops, an HQ, anything. Anti tank MUST come first.

    You then have a problem with a lot of your units being very ineffective. The tervigon, the venomthrope the warriors and the gargoyles are all very poorly set up and wont do much for you currently. Why do you have the crushing claws on the tervigon? You don't want them in combat if you can avoid it and if they do ever hit combat they should only be attacking something they can kill very very easily. One venomthrope just isn't going to do anything and will be shot down in seconds. Its also a waste of an elite slot. The warriors are too small and underpowered to make a difference, kitting them out for shooting is not a good idea. Look at that profile, they're a phenomenal combat unit, equip them as such. Rending claws at a minimum, boneswords are better really. Also 3 per brood is too fragile, 4-5 is much better. The gargoyles really need both of those dirt cheap upgrades, otherwise they get slaughtered and cant make enough of a difference in assault.

    Mawlocs are also generally poor, for 30 more points you get a trygon, which is absolutely amazing. Its vastly better for its cost.

    It may seem a little harsh but I would advise going away, completely re-doing the list from scratch, bearing in mind about anti tank and those units that could be a lot better and seeing what you can come up with. I could recommend all the various changes you need, but it would be so completely different that it wouldn't be your list anymore if that makes sense. Failing that more information on the kind of lists you'll be facing would help, it might tell us if youd need less anti tank than normal for example.
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