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    1500 and 1000 lists - are they competitive?

    Hey,Just getting back into the game after a long hiatus.
    Do you guys think these lists are competative?

    Tyrant - wings, 4xtalons
    prime - 2x boneswords

    2x hive guard
    1x hive guard

    Tervigon - catalyst, cluster spines
    8x genestealers
    7x genestealers
    7x genestealers
    10x termagants
    17x hormogaunts

    Tyrannofex - rupture cannon, desiccator larvae

    For the 1000 pt version I just drop the tyrant the t-fex and a hormogaunt.
    Do you think it would be better to put my genestealers into 2 units of 11?

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    Sorry but the lists sadly aren't competitive these days. That many genestealers is never a good idea. I find 1 brood is all you need 99% of the time. 3 is just too much. Also the list seems really confused. For example, you have some hormaguants (which by the way should ALWAYS run with at least toxin sacs. Think of a hormagaunt costing 8 points by default. You should never take hormagaunts without toxin sacs) but in a list predominantly stealer filled. What good will they do? Similarly why do you have the Prime? Do you know what he's there for? Where will you put him? If you find yourself unable to answer what each specific units task is chances are its not going to be worthwhile taking.

    From the top, ill advise what I can to improve.

    The tyrant is a bit costly in games of under 1750. In this case you have a prime aswell, so really he should go.

    The prime is a little lacking in upgrades and needs a place to go. Give him rending claws and adrenal glands for now, we'll sort out where he belongs in a minute.

    The Hive guard are okay but one on its own isn't going to achieve much. If you want to be competative, I have to say you usually need at least 6 Hive guard at a minimum. However because you have the T-fex, it can pick up some of the slack.

    The tervigon is a good unit, but needs purpose. What is it going to do currently? Spawn a few rubbishy guants? Its a bit pointless. Give it adrenal glands and toxin sacs ontop of catalyst. Then bulk the termagaunt brood up to 30. This is where the prime goes, and this way they actually function as a major threat.

    The genestealers should just be in one unit of 10. Give them toxin sacs for a vast improvement against all targets and a broodlord if you want.

    Lose the hormaguants, they're good but have no place here.

    The T-fex is nice, but a little lack lustre when its done hunting vehicles. Its also very very costly, so consider if you really need it. It does combine well with doom, but Ive found that Hive guard or zoans do a much better job generally.

    Id have to suggest going away, bearing that in mind and starting totally afresh. See what you come up with second time round and take it from there
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