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    1500 and 2000 point competitive shock assault lists. Both similiar.


    Tervigon, catalyst, cluster spines 175
    Tervigon, catalyst, cluster spines 175

    2 Hive Guard 100
    2 Hive Guard 100

    20 Genestealers 280
    19 Genestealers 266

    Heavy Support
    Trygon 200
    Trygon 200.

    The idea behind this list is to have a central core of very resilient shock assault units that makes target priority for the opponent difficult, the genestealers and trygon both of which I can give feel no pain when it suits them. FNP genestealers being very resilient to enemy fire. I infiltrate the stealers and then try to get them in combat as quickly as possible in the first wave, while using the trygons as a second wave. Hive Guard provide tank support and Tervigons act as a support unit spawning a disposable horde for me. I'd like to make a Tervigon a troops choice and have a couple more hive guard as my anti-tank still feels a little light but points constrict me here. I could remove a Trygon to do so but I do like the power and threat value of two.

    The 2000 point version adds 3 more hiveguard and a Tyranofex with rupture cannon for additional and much needed anti-tank and moves one of the Tervigons to a troop choice along with 10 termagants. Also bump up the 19 man stealer squad to a full 20. Though this one does make the stealers feel that little bit more vulnerable to fire thanks to the added point value but you can't have everything and anti-tank takes precedence.

    So what are peoples thoughts about this style of list and how to improve it? So far it's been going rather well in games but I'd love to get some ideas to improve it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitch View Post
    The idea behind this list is to have a central core of very resilient shock assault units that makes target priority for the opponent difficult,
    Genestealers? Resilient? Im not sure what kind of lists you've been playing but its not a word Id ever use to describe genestealers. The problem is if you don't get catalyst off those genstealers are gone against any kind of competent opponent. This isn't so much of a problem against lists lacking psychic defence but if you come across a good list thats packing psychic hoods, runic weapons, the Aegis or any number of weapons then your life is about to become hell.

    Against certain types of armies this could be a very potent list, but against others your going to get absolutely steamrollered. Theres not a lot you can do about that, its just an inherant flaw in requiring a psychic power to avoid being blown off the table. Also you've got nothing to really deal with AV13/14 so land raiders will be a nightmare. Short of running a trygon into its face you wont be bringing one down.

    Given what Ive seen on the competitive scene, Grey Knights, Guard and any MSU style list (So BA razorback spam, Chimelta spam, even a lot of eldar lists, Craftworld and dark) are going to beat you, either due to psychic defence or tank overloading. Its very hard to suggest ways to make the 1500 list more competitive because there's just nothing you can do. The 2K list might do better due to the vastly increased anti tank but your still encountering the same problems with psychic defence as before and at that level the ranged firepower goes up in a pretty big way too.

    What im trying to say overall is that the list is too gimmicky to ever be properly competitive. However if you are going to run a stealer shock list, then this is pretty much the best you're going to do, certainly at 2k :/ Sorry That couldnt be any more helpful.
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