Nemesor Zahndrekh
-1 x cryptek (Royal Court 2)
- 1x tremorstave
-1 x seismic crucible
-10 x immortals
-10 x tesla carbines

*scoring unit, to hold objectives and try to kite enemies*

Vargard Obyron
-ccb (from Zahndrekh)

*anti-tank, just fly around trying to create disruption*

Trazyn the Infinite
-5 x cryptek (Royal Court 1)
-4 x eldrich lance
-1 x solar pulse
-1 x gaze of flame
-1 x aeonstave
-1 x chronometron

*scoring unit, long range sniping, anti-tank, a re-roll each phase on a bad rp/mis-shot/missed wound/pen is worth more than a 5th lance*

5 x Necron Warriors

*scoring unit, can take the ghost ark back if the unit below is done with it*

5 x Necron Lord (Royal Court 2)
-5 x hyperphase sword
-5 x phase shifter
-3 x mindshackle scarabs
-1 x tesseract labyrinth
-1 x resurrection orb
-ghost ark (from Necron Warriors)
-2 x cryptek (Royal Court 2)
-1 x aeonstave
-1 x chronometron
-1 x timesplinter cloak
-1 x abyssal staff
-1 x veil of darkness

*deathstar unit, ghost ark due to slower speed but quantum shielding and open top makes for ideal assault unit transport, multiple power weapons, safety vs enemy hqs and power fists, cryptek to re-roll a bad save/rp/melee/shot each phase, veil in case ghost ark dies and abyssal to soften up targets (would like to fit in 50 points for warscythes)*

1 x Doomsday ark

*long range fire support, and another threat on table to try to manipulate enemy movement*

My first list with the new codex trying to fit in some interesting ideas I had glancing through the codex. The list might not have enough firepower, so it depends on the manipulation of the deathstar unit. Criticisms would be appreciated for future lists.

*(if this is double posted I apologize, the one I posted a bit a go didn't show)*