this is a list that i came up with quickly and with what i have and what ill have in a few days just waiting on the order to come through


trazyn the infanite 175
overlord with warzyth, res orb tac arrow pase shifter 205

cryptec with harb of storm and voltic staff + lighting field 35
cryptec with harb of trasnmog with tremor stave 30


warriors x10 130
warriors x10 130
warriors x10 130


death marks x 5 95
ctan shard x1 with grand illsion and pyre shards 240


2 heavy destroyers 120
2 heavy destroyers 120
2 wraiths with coils 90


monolith x1 200
doomsday arc 175
annilation barge 90

this comes to 1965 points

ill sue the normal pahalx movemnet keeping my wraiths behind the monolith untill tehy can strike the openants hq, all st8+ weapons will go for trasnports allowing me shoot the contents with everything else

i tend to fight nids, DE (who likes lots of fast skimmers), SM and ST and grey knights