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    1850 competitive list

    Hey guys, 1st DE list. Trying to make a competitive list, thoughts appreciated.

    HQ - Lelith Hesperax - 175 (join bloodbrides)
    - 2x Haemonculus - Liquifier Gun - 120 (one join bloodbrides, one join wyches, will still in raided after whyches get out)

    EL - 8x Bloodbrides - Syren w/Agonizer, 2xShardnet, Haywire Grenades - 154
    - Raider - Flicker Fields, Grisly Trophies - 75

    - 5xTrueborn - 5xBlasters - 135
    - Venom - Extra SC - 65

    TR - 2x10 man warrior squads - Shredder, SC - 205
    - 2xRaiders - FF, Splinter Racks - 160

    - 9xWyches - Hekatrix w/Agonizer - Shardnet - Haywire Grenades - 148
    - Raider - FF, Grisly Trophies - 75

    FA - 6xReavers - 2xHeat Lance - 156

    HS 3xRavagers - FF, Night Shields - 375

    Total: 1848


    Tyranids: 11/3/1
    Chaos: 2/3/0
    Tau: 3/2/0
    Latest Battle: Tau win against DA!

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    First thought: Trueborn are only entitled to 4 special weapons, so your Trueborn are illegal.

    Second thought: Lelith ain't really competitive because of strength 3 but you could try to make her work, Bloodbrides are a fair way to protect her. I don't know if the squad packs enough punch without the right drug result.

    3rd: I don't think Splinter Racks are worth their value, especially since Venom are a lot better. So I would suggest to get some 5 Warriors + Blaster squads and you will get more mileage out of the splinter cannons from the venoms.

    I'm also a strong advocate for Night Shields on all skimmers: they are vulnerable to small arms and that is what NS are most effective against.
    I'm not really fan of 10 men Warrior squads: ok they survive longer but don't really bring the extra punch. Dark Eldar units should all pose a threat to the enemy. Also you can use more scoring units, four would be great.

    On the whole it doesn't look really bad: you have enough anti-tank and troops but the effectiveness will depend mostly on you current local meta. So I suggest to play test the list and see what units under-perform and tinker with those.

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