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Thread: Necrons 1750

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    Necrons 1750

    Hi havent been on here for ages and as the new necrons are out i'd like to post a list im thinking of building and if its not very gd ill try somthing else, best find out b4 i waste all my cash here we go


    Nemesor zahndrekh 185
    (give tank hunter to the cryteck squad or stealth to keep them alive)
    Royal court 195
    5 Crypteks, 5x Harbringer of destruction, 1x Solar pulse

    Necron Overlord 180
    Warscythe, command barge
    (for slaping tanks and if its still alive contest a point)
    Royal court 90
    2 Crypteks, 2x Harbringer of destruction, 1x Solar pulse

    Triarch stalker 150
    (for giving twin linked to the warriors/immortals)
    Triarch stalker 165
    Twinlinked heavy gauss cannon
    (for giving twin linked to the cryteck squad)


    8 Necron Warriors 104
    Ghost arc 115

    8 Necron Warriors 104
    Ghost arc 115

    5 Immortals 85

    5 Immortals 85


    Doomsday arc 175
    (killing termies)

    all critisism welcome

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    when the chaos gods offered horus gummy bears he could not refuse the offer of betraying the Emperor.

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