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    New Club, new 1500pt Necron List

    Ok, so going to a new club and with the new necrons I feel its time to set the Dark elder aside and build myself a 1500 point list. This isn't with tornament in mind, but I was hoping for something fairly competitive. Here is the list:

    HQ = 150 points
    Necron overlord
    - Resurrection orb
    - Warscythe
    - Phareon

    Elites = 225 points
    5 Lychguard
    - Phase swords and shields

    Troops = 396 points
    10 necron warriors
    - Ghost arc
    10 necron warriors
    - Ghost arc
    8 immortals
    - Tesla carbines

    Fast Attack = 195 points
    2 heavy destroyers
    5 canoptek scarabs

    Heavy Support = 290 points
    Anniahalation Barge
    - gauss cannon
    Necron monolith

    I haven't definitive plan yet on how to use this army, however, the overlord will be in with the prartorians and will be using the eternity gate to enter play most of the time, I may also do the same with the immortals depending on the type of opponent. The destroyer duo is there to try and bag a transport or even a enemy tank before monolith enters play, or even attempt to snipe lonely individual characters. The annihilation barge is there purely because I've seen the carnage caused by them in a few games so I just felt I had to have one of my own

    anyway, please do rip my list to shreds


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    due to the hype around scarabs, 5 of them is unlikely to get close to the enemy without getting shot to hell. alternatively, it saves you from enemy shooting for one turn. I'd try to buff it to ten strong or so.

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