Iím an Eldar player who thinks the new Necrons are awesome! And have been thinking of putting a list together, I have play tested the list below against Orks and Vanilla Marines and itís proved a real hit so far. However Iíve only just got back into the game having stopped during 3rd edition, so wanted to run it by some seasoned generals lest I miss a fatal flaw that is blindingly obvious!

Overlord, Res orb, Phaeron 140

Harbinger of Despair, Veil of Darkness 60

Harbinger of Destruction, Solar Pulse 55

18 warriors 234

9 immortals tesla carbines 153

Annihilation Barge 90

Annihilation Barge 90

Doomsday ark 175

Total= 997

How it plays, Despair dude goes with the immortals, the overlord combines with warriors for Phaeron awesomness and the solar pulse is there to insure the Ark has a good chance of getting at least one shot off. Finally I would just note that the annihilation barges are great value at this point level and that against marines it appears worth it to switch the tesla cannon for a gauss cannon.

All thoughts and opinions would be a great help!