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Thread: 1850 Necrons

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    1850 Necrons

    Looking to get competitive with the models I have on hand with the new dex. Only new edition was the annihilation barge. General ideas is to put the overlords and crypteks with the large warriors blocks and march phalanx style (with solar pulses providing some protection) up the field. C'tan does his thing, destroyers provide fire support, and monolith deep strikes on an objective. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    HQ: 390
    Overlord (140: Phaeron, Warscythe, Labyrinth

    Overlord (140: Phaeron, Warscythe, Labyrinth

    Court1: 55
    Destruction Cryptek, Solar Pulse

    Court2: 55
    Destruction Cryptek, Solar Pulse

    Elites: 230
    C’tan (230: Lord of Fire, Writhing Landscape

    Troops: 560
    10 Immortals (170, Tesla Carbines
    15 Warriors (195)
    15 Warriors (195)

    Fast Attack: 380
    3 Heavy Destroyers (180
    5 Destroyers (200

    Heavy Support: 290
    Monolith (200
    Annhilation Barge (90

    Total: 1850

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    decent list

    just need to make a few changes

    first i would advise that you equip your lords with orbs instead of the labrynth especially since you will be in a large block of warriors and i highly doubt your planing on going into cc with warriors

    the crypteks must have eldritch lance so they can get solar pulse so you will need to make a few cuts to pay for this (and the orbs if you take them)

    keeping your C'tan is up to you but please in the name of Necrontyr please drop lord of fire it is the worst upgrade as it only applies in the smallest of circumstances. get any other upgrade besides LoF (or drop the ctan for something else)

    your troops selection if pretty good, i assume that the army will be moving about (hence the phaeron upgrade and tesla carbines)

    fast attack is good but i would place two normal destroyers into the heavy destro unit for wound allocation
    the units will then look like

    5 destroyers w/ 3 heavy gauss cannon
    3 destroyers

    and heavy is good

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    They've already included the cost of the eldritch lance because you automatically get it when you upgrade a cryptek to harbinger of destruction.

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