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    Lightning Fast Crons 750

    Before the new codex, the fastest units in the codex were destroyers and scarabs. That's changed now and I have come up with an ultra fast alpha strike list that would put Dark Eldar to shame.

    Necron 750pts

    1xOverlord with War Scythe. 100
    Catacomb Command Barge. 80
    Royal Court: 1x Cryptek with Harbinger of destruction and Solar Pulse. 55

    5x warriors with gauss flayers. 65
    Night Scythe. 100
    5x warriors with gauss flayers. 65
    Night Scythe. 100

    Heavy Support
    Doom Scythe with Death Ray and TL Tesla Destructor. 175

    The plan is to advance everything under cover of darkness using the cryptek's solar pulse, who will be hiding somewhere to snipe things with his eldritch lance. The night Scythes will drop off their warriors onto objectives or keep them safe until late game. 3 Tesla Destructors should be able to make a mess of anything at this point level. Add in the Deathray and the Lord with his sweeping attacks, all zipping about the battlefield I think I have quite a competitive force. I realize that it is risky because if I don't get rid of key targets fast then I have already lost but, this seems reliably killy to me. Would appreciate feedback =)

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    My biggest concern would be objective control for you and I don't feel like you are packing enough heavy firepower to efficiently wipe an opponents army and so objective control games will be difficult.

    I would say Cut the command barge and both the Night Scythes, 280 points, throw in either another Doom Scythe or a Monolith and use the extra points for either Scarabs or more troops.

    Thats what I would do in low point games.

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