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Thread: 750 Destroyer

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    750 Destroyer

    Necron 750pts

    Destroyer Lord
    Warscythe and Sempiternal Weave. 140

    7x Warriors with Gauss Flayers. 91
    7x Warriors with Gauss Flayers. 91

    Fast Attack
    Necron Destroyer Squadron
    4x Necron Destroyers. 160

    Heavy Support
    Doomsday Ark
    Doomsday Cannon and 2xGauss Flayer arrays. 175
    Annihilation Barge
    Twin Linked Tesla Destructor and Tesla Cannon. 90

    So, I've started off by calling this a destroyer list but it only has 4 destroyers and a Lord. I'm going for a somewhat fluffy yet competitive army that are all inflicted with the destroyer curse in some way. The doomsday ark pilot will be fused to the vehicle making him the biggest destroyer ever and I'm contemplating fusing both torsos to the annihilation barge for an odd alien look.

    Enough of fluff, The Ark provides anti termie, tank and horde while the barge just overwhelms anything with multiple shots, hopefully stun locking a vehicle for the lord, who has the 2+ for getting to a combat. Destroyers shoot at anything and everything while warriors add their shots where they are needed or just sit tight on an objective. All advice welcome

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    I would recommend on holding back with destroyer conversions until the second wave of models is released. Currently there are no fine cast destroyer lords or heavy destroyer which leads me to believe Rey are getting new models soon.

    No comment on the list, cool idea though!

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