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    Escalation Tournament

    well I am back and soon I will be going into a escalation style tournament this Saturday. The tournament consists of three rounds starting at 1250pts, 1500pts, then finally 1750pts. Here is the more exact ruling given to us by my store manager

    The escalating points will be determined by taking the 1750 list and removing the necessary points.
    Example: A Space Marine player removes the following from his 1750 list.
    Land Raider (250pts), Dreadnought (125pts) and an Assault Squad (135pts) giving him 1240pts.
    Each player is required to bring at least two copies of each army list. This is an exercise in list building as much as playing so build carefully to optimize your points.
    Armies must be painted (3 colors) and at least 50% GW figures.
    Note: I must remove an entire unit to reduce points, I cannot add/remove models/wargear to get to the point requirement.

    Also this is how I assume we are gonna play, since we did a league based of the NOVA open and I have never been to the NOVA open myself.

    Win Conditions
    Win Condition 1: Kill Points - Players win this condition if their Kill point total is 3 or more higher then their opponents. Treat all other results as a Tie

    Win Condition 2: Table Quarters - Players hold table quarters in this condition if they have more total Victory Points worth of models (not just scoring models, any models) in this quarter at the end of the game, the player with the most quarters wins this condition. If both players have the same number of quarters this condition is a Tie

    Win Condition 3: Objectives - before the start of the game, place 4 objectives, one in the center of each Table Quarters and a 5th objective in the center of the table. Scoring Units count as holding the objective if they are within 3" of the objective and there are no other enemy units with at least one model within 3" of the objective as well. The player wins this condition if they have a higher total number of objectives then their opponent. If both players have the same number of objectives then this condition is a Tie.

    Roll a D6:
    1-2: KP is Primary, Table Quarters is Secondary, Objectives is Tertiary
    3-4: Table Quarters is Primary, Objectives is Secondary, KP is Tertiary
    5-6: Objectives is Primary, KP is Secondary, Table Quarters is Tertiary
    If all 3 mission are tied, go to straight Victory Points to declare a winner.

    Roll a D6:
    1-2: Pitched Battle
    3-4: Spearhead
    5-6: Dawn of War

    Now here is my list, and note I like playing a little strange as it throws off my opponents a little if I play out of the normal. Though normal maybe defined differently from each of us.

    1250 list, the add on units I will mark with a color, 1500 red, 1750 green

    Shas'El - 78 pts
    -Burst Cannon

    Shas'El - 87 pts
    -Plasma Rifle
    -Fusion Blaster
    -Multi Tracker

    Three Man Crisis Battle Team - 189 pts
    -TL Missile Pods
    -Plasma Rifle

    Three Man Crisis Battle Team - 189 pts
    -TL Missile Pods
    -Plasma Rifle

    Three Man Crisis Battle Team - 186 pts
    -Missile Pods
    -Plasma Rifle

    Fire Warrior x 6 - 60 pts

    Kroot x 10 - 70 pts

    Kroot x 10 - 70 pts

    Fast Attack
    Pathfinders x 6 - 157 pts
    -Devilfish with Disruption pod

    Pathfinders x 6 - 157 pts
    -Devilfish with disruption pod

    Heavy Attack
    Broadsides x 2 - 190 pts
    -TL Plasma Rifle

    Broadsides x 2 - 190 pts
    -TL Plasma Rifle

    Skyray - 145 pts
    -Burst Cannon
    -Disruption Pod
    -Targeting Array

    Quick Note: My first commander is more of my anti-horde/support fire. I know I will be facing a large ork army of just gretchin and luckily he does not know how to use horde effectively. My second commander is more of I kill what I need to to be killed. and I believe I will be facing either grey knights/blood angels and maybe necrons.

    Comments and Suggestions are welcomed as well as questions.

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