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    1250 pt tournament crons. Having trouble, plz help.

    the list:

    HQ's = 225

    Royal court = 95
    1x Harb of Dest - Solar Pulse
    1x 1x Harb of Eter - Chronometron

    Troops = 451
    8x Warriors ghost ark
    9x Warriors ghost ark

    Fast = 190
    2x wraith w/ 2x Whip Coil , 1x Particle Caster
    2x wraith w/ 2x Whip Coil , 1x Particle Caster

    Heavy = 270
    3x Annihilation Barge

    total = 1231

    what to do with 19 spare pts??? when there is a model for the scythes i'll change the transports freeing more pts but till then do you think this list is
    competitive and how would you make it more so...i play against 100% power/cheese lists of every army so hack away, cheers.

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    Try taking a destroyer lord. They are effectively monstrous creatures, with 4 s7 preferred enemy attacks on the charge with 2d6 penetration, and t6 and jump infantry to boot. They're an immensely deadly close combat unit, especially when combined with whip wraiths. I see Imhotek as a bit of a letdown, with his best ability damaging you often more than the enemy, and his CC attacks more than a bit lackluster. He doesn't even have a res orb, for god's sake! The mindshackle scarabs are awesome, especially if you can manage to get in base contact with only a captain or pfist sargeant. Not to mention that even against ld10, the average roll fails.
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    Keep the wraiths in one squad. 2 Whips, 1 pistol, one ungeared giving you 3 wound allocations (great rule!). I agree a 225pt HQ in 1250 pt game is kind of rough. 10% of your army is him and he's 'fair'. Bear in mind a Destroyer lord will not come with a Court as recommended above, so if you go this route you lose crypteks unless you take an overlord of qualifying HQ like imotek, etc. And Annihilation barges are great, but if you get a land raider in there I don't see much of a straight solution for AV13 and AV14.
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