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    2k Pure Shooty... Competitive??

    Overlord - Warscythe, Command Barge 180
    5x Harbingers of Destruction - solar pulse 195

    Overlord - Warscythe, Command Barge 180
    5x Harbingers of Destruction - 175

    C'tan Shard - Lord of Fire, Writhing Worldscape 230

    10x Immortals - tesla carbines 170
    10x Immortals - tesla carbines 170
    10x Immortals - tesla carbines 170

    Heavy Support
    Doomsday Ark - 175
    Doomsday Ark - 175
    Doomsday Ark - 175


    Unit breakdowns and strategy:

    Overlords in their AV 13 barges move flat-out around the board together to claim 4+ cover while doing sweep attacks on targets of opportunity. They are distractions and fire magnets that fill my mandatory HQ slot and unlock the Royal Courts which provide heavy firepower and a solar pulse.

    C'tan Shard will usually hide behind the wall of Doomsday Arks or terrain to stay out of sight and restrict enemy movement and use of cover. He also deters melta threats that get too close to the DDAs. When required, he will be used as a counter-charge unit. He is not used aggressively at all. The point is to keep him alive to provide his abilities for as long as possible.

    The Immortals claim objectives and rack up tons of tesla hits on enemy infantry.

    The Doomsday Arks sit as far back as possible and blast away at pretty much anything they want, be it a thick mob of boyz or a land raider.

    I am basically trying to create an army that punishes its opponent for being both in and out of cover. If they are in cover, their advance is slowed and they will take damage from DT tests while still being pummeled by my guns. If they are out of cover, Doomsday Cannons and Eldritch Lances will make them pay heavily. And of course the double Command Barges will be swooping around lopping heads off and blowing up vehicles


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    You actually can't run this list like you want. While Crypteks can break from their Overlord's royal court to lead a unit, only one court member can be assigned to a squad. I'm not even sure a Cryptek from the second court could join a squad if a Cryptek from the first court is already there. Anyway, as only 3 Crypteks could seperate from a court, this would leave the Overlord with 2 Crypteks in his court. The rules state that ICs with retinues count as upgrade characters until the retinue is destroyed. Since the Command Barge can only carry one model and it specifies it must be an IC, the Overlords could not mount their transports until their courts were destroyed.

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