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    1750/2k Tourney lists

    Alright so what i came up with is this:

    Anrakyr on a Gauss Barge: 245

    Destrotek with Pulse: 55

    10 Tesla Eternals: 170
    5 Warriors In a ghost ark:180
    10 Warriors: 130

    1 Triarch Stalker: 150

    10 Scarabs: 150
    3 Wraiths w/3 coils: 135
    3 Hvy Destroyers: 180

    1 Doomsday Ark: 175
    3 Spyders w/3 claws: 180

    Plan is keep the vehicles back with spiders first turn, and pray for only immos/weapon destroyeds and try to repair with spiders.
    move up with immortals, try to keep in cover. big warriors move up along ghost ark, while using it to heal/ and letting the warriors provide cover to it, hopefully. tek also goes in ark, destroyers fire from cover, and spyders also make more scarabs. Anrakyr also flies around punching stuff with his scythe, and controllin vehiculars as well.

    For 2k, the difference is that i add
    5 Lychguard with shields: 225
    Put Gaze of flame on the tec
    Put gloom prism on a spider

    The changed strat is put the tec in the eternals now, and have the lychguard be a backline defender against assault units.

    questions, comments, and cries of madness welcome.

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    Have different equipment on your wraith so you can do wound allocation shenanigans. Gauss is more polyvalent than tesla, so I'd keep gauss flayers on the immortals. What model are you using for your triarch stalker?

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