So as a new player I’ve put together a few lists to be critiqued before I go and actually buy and make my first army. I just recently got into warhammer but I like how this list looks. Let me know what you all think:

Anrakyr the Traveller — 165
1x Necron Lord + Resurrection Orb — 65
1x Necron Lord + Resurrection Orb – 65
1x Necron Lord + Resurrection Orb – 65
1x Catacomb Command Barge — 80

1x Illuminor Szeras – 100
20x Warriors — 260
5x Warriors + Ghost Ark — 180
10x Immortals, Gauss Blasters — 170
10x Immortals, Gauss Blasters — 170
1x Night Scythe – 100
1x Night Scythe — 100

8x Scarab Swarm — 120
5x Tomb Blades – 100
3x Canoptek Wraiths + Whip Coils — 135

2x Canoptek Spyder +2 Fabricator claw array– 120
1995 pts

Immortals go in the Night Scythes, and both squads of immortals get a lord with a resurrection orb. The squad of 20 warriors is to be positioned in front of the ghost ark and will be accompanied by the final lord with a resurrection orb and Illuminor Szeras, and that squad will likely receive Szeras’ upgrade as it has the most numbers and has the most to gain. Scarab swarm does its thing, eating away at armor and vehicles accompanied by the Spyders, Tomb Blades go off to flank enemy units, and the wraiths are meant to take out tough units or AV. All while Anrakyr travels on his CCB, sweeping over units, taking out vehicles with his warscythe, and tormenting the enemy with his ability.
I’m mainly going to play casual. Comments and criticism welcome! Hoping to finalize this list and start putting together my army!