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    2000 Point Anyrka List

    Anrkyr 165
    Overlord . Phaeron orb phase 185
    Stalker with particle shredder 155
    Deathmarks x10 190
    Ctan. grand illsion and moulder of words 250
    Immortals with tesla x10 170
    Immortals x 5
    Immortals x 5
    Dommsday ark 175
    Annilation tesla cannon 90
    Monolith 200
    heavy destroyer x 2 120
    Tomb blades with bs 5 and armor of 3+ 70
    Scarabs x 4 60
    2000 points dead on

    Deploy all units apart from mono which will deepstrike in
    Deathmarks with paheron lord at front lines and nominate top high TOughness unit or cmd unitAnyrka with tesla immortals with his upgrades reason for tesla is for the assault profile to take benifit of the furious charge
    2 other squads next to main unit to give rapid fire support
    Doomsday will be moved with grand illsion same with h destroyers and scarabs if get 3 on d3 roll.
    Turn 2 monolith ds's in behind lines and death marks come in from gateway. stalker open up on death's target to give them rapid fire. Scarabs go after any tank/transport and theres enough pie plates to cause lots of dmg and the ann barge for anything thats close enough
    Heavy destroyers go for any low av unit or termis.Tomb blades go after what ever is a good target. Doomsday will go for high av units or tough units like termis when the main gun is desteoyed it will move forawd to use its 2ndary weapons Mono will teleport scarabs 2nd then immortals

    All critism is wellcome

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    The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.

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