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    Anrakyr the Traveller... once more

    Yeah, I know. I've posted at least three variant lists that feature Anrakyr. Well, what can I say. I just think he is simply too cheap not to take. Anyway, the newest iteration is a footy 1500 points:

    5 Lychguard w/hyperspace swords and voidshields

    5 Deathmarks

    10 Flayed Ones

    Cryptek - Harbringer of Destruction w/gaze of flame
    10 Immortals w/tesla-carbines

    10 Warriors

    10 Warriors
    Ghost Ark


    Annihilation Barge

    1495 points total

    Plan is roughly this:

    Backfield/objective keepers - Immortals and Cryptek handle this. They can move and fire for full 24" range and in a pinch can be teleported to safety with Monolith. With counter-attack rule from Anrakyr and defensive grenades from Cryptek they can actually survive being assaulted, too.

    Forward/objective takers - Warriors, Ghost Ark, Monolith, Anrakyr and Lychguard. The plan is to advance using AV13 and AV14 for cover. Get into rapid fire distance and shoot enemy up. Lychguard and Anrakyr handle the rest.

    Anti-tank - Cryptek has 36" missile launcher and his Immortals can glance AV11 with their teslas. Annihilation barge can multi-glance stuff up to AV13. Anrakyr has Tachyon Arrow for unlimited range. If enemy has a lot of tanks, he probably has at least one with nice anti-tank weapon Anrakyr can "loan". Warriors and Ghost Ark can gauss. Monolith has gauss and biig pie-plate ordnance. Finally Lychguard and Anrakyr can assault stuff in a pinch.

    General Reserve - Deep Striking Deatmarks to handle uncomfortable MCs and such. Outflanking Flayed Ones can mess up enemy deployment zone or act as counter-assault in backfield to support Immortals. Both can be insta-pulled out of reserve by Monolith if need be.

    Revenant Moon Necrons: (W/L/D) 0/1/0 (6th edition: 13/2/2)(5th edition: 14/6/4)(3rd edition Codex: 16/4/7)
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    I am a HUGE fan of Anrakyr in a Command barge. I agree he's cheap. Free upgraded Immortal squad, 1 shot S10 early game, etc. Then once in the command barge he has a 4+ cover save for the vehicle as long as he keeps moving over 12" and just sweep attack stuff left and right...PLUS, once you do your sweep attacks (in movement phase), use his mind in the machine to shoot with an ENEMY vehicle....mwa ha ha!
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