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Thread: 2.15K Zahndrekh

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    2.15K Zahndrekh

    Yeah, so I decided to make another list, this time with an eccentric/insane/delusional/ any synonym of the previous words Nemesor Zahndrekh. What do you think; commentary please.

    Nemesor Zahndrekh: 185

    Royal Court:
    Necron Lord: 35
    Res. Orb: 30
    Cryptek: 25
    Harbinger of Despair: 5
    Veil of Darkness: 30
    Cryptek: 25
    Harbinger of Destruction: 10
    Solar Pulse: 20
    Cryptek: 25
    Harbinger of Transmogrification: 5
    Seismic Crucible: 10
    Harp of Dissonance: 25
    Total: 430
    Necron Warriors: 13 (10x)
    Necron Warriors: 13 (8x)
    Necron Immortals: 170
    Necron Immortals: 170
    Night Scythe:100
    Total: 674
    Deathmarks: (5X) 95
    Triarch Stalker: 150
    Twin-linked Hvy Gauss Cannon: 15
    Total: 260
    Canoptek Scarabs: 15 (5x)
    Canoptek Scarabs: 15 (5x)
    Canoptek Wraiths: 35(6X)
    Whip Coils: 60
    Monolith: 200
    Canoptek Spyder: 50
    Twin-linked Particle Beamer: 25
    Canoptek Spyder: 50
    Twin-linked Particle Beamer: 25
    Total: 2134
    General Strategy:
    The Night Scythe carries the Immortals to the objectives along w/ the Harbinger of Transmogrification. They will hold objectives, while the other troops advance. The cryptek will reduce the assault dist and if they fail to assault, next phase, Necrons rapid fire them. Zahndrekh will stay by the Monolith and Triarch Stalker w/ the unit of 8 warriors to prevent flankers and use his special rules. NEcron Lord w/ res orb footslogs forward w/ the warriors and revives them and collects of objectives. Veil of darkness Crypteks DSs around and attacks the flanks before moving away. Harbinger of destruction stays w/ Zahndrekh. Deathmarks are the suicide units and kill anyone I deem important, aka Memphiston, Bloodthirsters, anyone important. Triarch Stalkers are anti-armor. Scarabs charge forward and eat armor under the night fighting rule. Wraiths will be my close combat unit, maybe hiding in difficult/dangerous terrain or slaughtering any CC unit. Monoliths are anti-deepstrikers and pull units that I deem are not gonna survive combat. Canoptek spyders dollow the scarabs and spawns out more.

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    two things:
    Firstly, you've listed some individual upgrade costs, which I don't think you're allowed to do.
    Secondly, your formatting is horrible to read, space it out a bit.

    the list itself looks alright, seems like it lacks tactical direction a bit.
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