Nemesor Zahndrekh 185pts
Vargard Obyron 160pts
Illuminor Szeras 100pts
4 Crypteks 2 Storm, 2 Destruction 1 w/Solar Pulse 140pts
8 Warriors w/Ghost Ark 219pts
9 Warriors w/Ghost Ark 232pts
11 Warriors 143pts
10 Immortals w/Gauss Blasters 170pts
Triarch Stalker 150pts
Triarch Stalker 150pts
6 Canoptek Wraiths w/3 Whiptails 240pts
Doomsday Ark 175pts
Doom Scythe 175pts

A little bit of a themed lost. Obyron is with the Wraiths or the beefed up Immortals. Szeras adds another Lance to a warrior squad and Storms ride in the Arks. Thoughts appreciated.