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    Immotekh (anti-mech/vry. cheap, $ wise)

    Imotekh S.


    Necron Lord
    Sempiternal Weave
    Res. Orb

    Cryptek (Despair)

    Cryptek (Destruction)
    Solar Pulse

    Cryptek (Eternity)

    Cryptek (Transmogrification)
    Harp of Dissonance

    Total: 515

    Necron Warriors: 13x

    Necron Warriors: 12x

    Necron Immortals: 10x (Tesla or Gauss)

    Necron Immortals: 10x (Tesla of Gauss)


    Total: 765

    Triarch Stalker
    TL Hvy. Gauss Cannon

    Deathmarks 5x

    Total: 260


    Canoptek Wraiths 6x
    3x Whip Coils
    6x Particle Casters

    Canoptek Scarabs 8x

    Canoptek Scarabs 8x

    Total: 510


    Annihilation Barge
    Gauss Cannon

    Canoptek Spider 2x
    TL Particle Beamers
    Fabricator Claw Array (1x)

    Total: 450

    Total Units: 83
    Grand Total: 2500
    Total Amount of Money Saved:...priceless

    Strategic Rundown:
    Basically, the entire army will foot slog across the battlefield under the NFighting, yes I am notoriously cheap (think Mr. Krabs) when it comes to this game, so don't judge me, just I have a very sweet, and demanding girlfriend so don't judge me...LOL. The seize the initiative is a boon for me since I'm very aggressive when it comes to this game.

    -Immotekh pairs up w/ the Chronotek and a unit of Immortals. My GW store is pretty chill w/ the rules until the FAQ comes out, so for now the Chrono re-rolls the nightfighting rules (I still don't see why its up for debate) and the lighting may be able to weaken my opponents mech/transports army, might even soften them up IDK.

    -The Harb. of Despair will go w/ one of the immortals (probably tesla) and zip around the battlefield picking off the flanks of the army and getting obj.

    -Cryptek of Destruction will go w/ the Deathmarks, IDK they kinda look like suicide units to me, so maybe I'll wreak havoc behind enemy lines w/ the sol. pulse, maybe take out an IC or MC *shrugs*)

    -The Cryptek (trans) will go w/ the warriors and will pop light transports (since it has infinite range I don't think the NF rules affect it.) They will contest for obj.

    -The lord will also be warriors and get obj. the res orb will them more durable.

    -The Nightscythe (maybe) will be for the Imotekh and will zip him where ever I need, him, the guy can't fight his away out of a paper bag so he will not be in CC.

    -The Triarach Stalkers is an AA unit, he prob. won't see a lot of action due to NF but who knows. *shrugs*

    -C. Wraiths, by far the most able bodied CC unit in the codex, they'll probably lurk near dangerous/difficult terrain and attack/tarpit any potentially dangerous CCs. IDK, based on the Spanish Errata, the Monolith can take units out of CC, so if I think they will lose, they'll just shout "Beam me up, Scotty."

    -Scarabs will pop armor under NF, maybe I'll put them in conga line to effectively use the scarab hive rule. LOL

    -Monolith, anti-deep striking unit and teloport support. It'll probably protect the stalker

    Annihilation Barge: Anti-personel and anti-armor, (provided that the tank has its AV value lowered) I don't know about you but TL S7 x4 shots is bound to get a "Boom" from enemy armor.

    -Spyders: Conga-line idea? Anti-personnel

    So basically, one can see that I'm gonna exploit the NF rules as long as possible...you can also tell that I'm extremely cheap.

    PS: Anyone know how to convert Canoptek wraiths?

    Last edited by Asasininja4827; December 12th, 2011 at 02:18.

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