so in 3rd ed i ran a hord of 30+ warriors n 20+ scarabs with orbs and scyths, altho in the new dex my old hord tacktics dont really work any more plus theres more units to flesh out my army with. i was thinking of foing with (and i have)

trazyn - 175

deathmarks x5 - 95
deathmarks x5 - 95
lychguard x5 (sword and shields) - 225

warriors x10 - 130
ark -115
warriors x10 - 130
immortals x10 - 130

annihilation barge (blaster) - 90
annihilation barge (blaster) - 90
doomsday ark - 175

total - 1490
SU - 4
KP - 11

i wont include any models that arnt arlready released because i cant wait for tomb blades and the new wraiths and spyders.

i know trazyn is pricy but hes a scoring unit and the oblitarator is a fair traid off, especially for playing KP denial with the 2+ am not dead. the lychguard are there for trazyn and some cqc as long as terrain and deception get me past turn 3 lol. The deathmarks are split in to 5 man squads as the 2+ wounds buff is usfull as one can be deployed and target from turn 1 while the other can go in reserve and wait for a unit to appear or for a threat to become annoying. The warriors on foot are for home objectives while the ark is for repopulating and late game objective securing/smashing, while the immortals are there to look after the heavys and take another objective if able.
Annihilation barges are just there to take the eye off the ball with the doomsday ark and to throw out some damadge dice and hope for some 6's. while the doomsday ark is there for ground pounding and anti-armour.

was toying with the idea of dropping the doom for another ark and some scarabs or dropping a barge for some scarabs???

love to have so crit n feed back.