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    A 2000 points "balanced" try

    5 Tomb blades/particle beamer 150
    1 Monolith 200
    1 Doomsday ark 175
    1 Overlord/Phaeron, Ws,Resorb 150
    1 Overlord/Barge, Ws 180
    1 C’tan shard/Moulder, GOF 260
    3 Spyders 150
    5 Scarabs 75
    2x10 Immortals/tesla 340
    10 Immortals gauss 170
    1 Triarch Stalker 150
    Total 2000 (exactly)

    So... Triarch stalker with 8/1 heavy 2 melta will go for tank hunting and some counter attacks, just like "mounted" Overlord will.
    The immortals with gauss will be joined by the Phaeron. The C'tan Shard and the spyders will hold the flanks (and spawn some more scarabs of course).
    The scarabs will annoy str 5 or less units or help a bit in tank hunting.The ark alongside with the Monolith will do their self explanatory job of course.
    Any thoughts?

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    h.gauss is better on triarch for the extra range.
    Doomsday arcs tend to suck
    Don't expect much from the c'tan, and you have too many upgrades on him too.
    Monoliths are not too great either.

    IMO I would drop the c'tan, the monolith and the doomsday arc, add 2 annihilation barges. And then get yourself some crypteks for the immortal squads (either despair for anti-termi, destruction for anti-vehicle or storm for cheap and good V everything). Also if you can manage to fit a squad of wraiths in somewhere it's much advised. Since they are the best unit in the codex.
    Ye Old Necrons (R.I.P.) (7000pts) W52 D5 L9
    New Crons!!! (5000pts) W1 D1 L1
    Blood Angels (2500pts) W4 D0 L1

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