Going for a Meta army list, I usually fight either Imperial Guard or Orks so I've done a bit of theorycrafting and this is what I've come up with:-

Royal Court

Necron Overlord w/ Ressurrection Orb

3x Crypteks
2x Harbinger of Destruction
1x Harbringer of Transmogrificaiton

Ghost Ark

Necron Warriors x9
Necron Warriors x9

Deathmarks x9

Immortals x10 w/ Telsa Carbine

Annihilation Barge
Exactly 1k points

Both squads of warriors remain with the Ghost Ark, with a Harbingers of Destruction in each, allowing for the squads to swap around as they sustain casulties
Immortals are teamed with the Harbinger of Transmogrifcation and will remain mobile and used for flanking squads of infantry
Deathmarks will be teamed with the Lord for better survival, unless game allows for reserves then Lord will join Immortals and will drop the other Cryptek for Solar Pulse or another Deathmark.

I know I lack high strength weapons but I hope that the 2x squad of warriors + ghost ark should be enough to take down most armor. Generally I play horde armies which is why I've gone for a similar setup.

Let me know what you think.