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    1975 pt. tyrant army

    Hello all, I am quite new to warhammer 40k (playing at least, I spectate often). This is a list that I would like to be good against any army, but hey, if I'm good against MEQ's I'm good. My main enemy is Blood Angels though I would like to take the army to a tournament if it proves viable. Anyway, onto the list.


    Hive Tyrant- 230
    1 Twin-linked Devourer Psychic Powers: Leech Essence, Paroxysm
    Scything Talons
    Old Adversary

    Hive Tyrant- 245
    Wings Psychic Powers: Leech Essence, Paroxysm
    2x Scything Talons
    Acid Blood


    Tyranid Warriors x5- 200
    2x Boneswords

    Tyranid Warriors x5- 200
    Adrenal Glands
    Toxin Sacs


    Hive Guard x2- 100

    Hive Guard x2- 100

    Zoanthropes x3- 220
    + Mycetic Spore

    Fast Attack-

    Gargoyles x20- 160
    Adrenal Glands

    Gargoyles x20- 160
    Adrenal Glands

    Heavy Support-

    Biovores x3- 120

    Carnifex (Dakkafex)- 190
    2x Twin-linked Devourers

    Okay, I'm not sure how this appears to all of you at first glance. There are a number of strategies at work. First, The winged Tyrant flies foward covered by two flocks of gargoyles, hopefully taking a chunk out of their front line. The other Tyrant stays back and provides synapse support to the Hive Guards, also moving with the Warriors, giving them preffered enemy. My main anti-tanks are obviously the Hive Guard and the Zoanthropes, with Biovores to clean up, but the Carnifex and the Tyrants can take on lower armored vehicles as well. The Warriors are meant to be versatile, both squads with a cc weapon and a devourer, they can join the mad dash to assault or lag back and protect the Hive Guards and Biovores.

    Does this sound good at all? Any of this that doesn't make sense? Any and all feedback is welcome.

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    Good list, I can see you've done your research. However, to me at least, there are a few obvious errors, especially seeing you're up against BA (one of my main opponents too):

    - Firstly, I must bring to your attention that AG on Gargoyles is only 1 point a model, not 2. You've allocated yourself 2 points a model. That means you actually have 40 more points to spend.
    - Two Hive Tyrants? Really? In a game <2000 points I would only ever recommend one Tyrant. Get rid of the dakka tyrant, and give the other one Hive Commander.
    - You're spot on with elites. All I would recommend is giving those Hive Guard squads one more man each. Just for an in game tip, when you're facing Blood Angels, be careful to never drop your Zoanthrope squad near a Space Marine with a psychic hood - it mushes up their brain.
    - Troops need a lot of work (and I mean, a lot). To free up some points, get rid of a Gargoyle Squad (trust me, you only need one), and don't bother with any upgrades on the other one. Then spend these points (and 20 more) on a unit of Hormagaunts (which can now outflank because of Hive Commander) with Toxin Sacs. I destroyed 7 assault marines with these guys on the charge, and that's saying something. Next up, get rid of the AG & TS Warrior Squad. With the other Warrior Squad, give them Rending Claws (free) and give them Toxin Sacs (+25). Those guys are going to be a killer in CC. Then, buy a duplicate squad of Hormagaunts (+16O). Just for the hell of it (although I have never had success with these guys against SM, they are great against others), buy a squad of 19 Termagants (no upgrades).
    - Fast Attack is alright. You don't really need anything more than this in a game size such as this.
    - Heavy Support is a bit of a shamble if you ask me. Firstly, three biovores cost 135 points, not 120 (but keep them, they are quite good). Then, just completely go home with the Carnifex. It can't really do much anymore. Instead, spend some points on a Trygon Prime. All of a sudden, your Hive Commander ability has become quite useful.

    Now not only is your list actually correct in terms of calculations, but the list will be able to face most races and do well. All this takes is a keen mind, a steady hand and complete irrationality with your units to win with this list. You'll notice I brought your Troops choice tally from two to five. This is because if get an objectives game (2/3 chance) then you're kind of screwed, especially seeing as your Warriors were... well, Warriors, and therefore can be S8 AP4/3 templated and be destroyed instantly with ease. This'll give you and your opponent a more fun game, and will make the game close too (one time I had a list like this, and on the last round, me winning depended on whether I could roll just one five on three dice, but luck would have it I didn't the game resulted in a draw). Fun and a good game is the top priority. After all, isn't that what Warhammer 40,000 is about?

    Hope this helps.

    The Warlord

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