Hi All,

I'm currently working on a necron list that I'll probably pick up after christmas, I'm currently proxying everything to see how things play out. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this... from my own view, I think it has a fair whack of anti-tank, but lacks a bit in the CC punch department, as such I'm contemplating dropping the doomsday ark and replacing it with either a unit of wraiths or S/S lychguard (would need some points tweaking)


Royal Court
- 3 x HoDestruction, 1 pulse, 1 gaze of flame (Spare 10 points)
- 1 x lord, scarabs, res orb, warscythe

Triarch Stalker

9 Warriors, Ghost Ark
19 Warriors
5 warriors
the res orb lord joins the 19 warrior unit along with imotekh, the 5-man unit is for holding home objectives or just as harrassment, i think that at 1500pts i'll need at least 3 scoring units. also hvae the option of keeping the crypteks as a single dedicated AT unit or splitting them between these 3 units

Heavy Support:
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Doomsday Ark