Ok i am deciding between eldar and blood angles for my next 40k army
My guard army is pretty infantry slogging and so i wanted to do something a bit different

I also want to pick only models that look cool and have cool rules so i am probably going to use a few forgeworld models (hornet and warp hunter)

So my list
Doom and Guide
Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding

3 units of 10 banshees all in wave serpants
All wave serpants have scatter lasers and shrunken cannons (basically to try and pop rhino's)

3 units of 3 jetbikes each with a shrunken cannon
These guys are a bit usless but i want a full flying army

Fast Attack
3 units of 2 hornets with a bright lance and scatter laser each (my anti-tank weapons)

2 warp hunters

I have no idea where to stick the farseer so will probably just end up in a unit of banshees

The plan is to drive around poping transports etc and then have my banshees jump out and kill stuff while my jet bikes hold objectives

What do you guys think