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    500 - 1000 point escation tourni

    Hi there was wondering if i can get some input on my following list before the my local toruny in 2 weeks time
    it starts as a 500 point game then goes to 750 then to 1000 points as the final
    I'll be facing Orks, Dark Eldar, Choas Space Marines, Space Marines, Dark Templars and maybee Grey Knights

    Anrykar the traveler 165

    warriors x 5 65
    warriors x 5 65
    immortals x5 with tesla and upgrade 85

    command barge 80

    destroyer x 1 40

    this is the 1st part at 500 points

    i will then add the following

    destro cryptecks x 3 1 with solar pulse 125
    warriors x 6 78
    destroyer x 1 40

    each cryp will go in each squad the 6 warriors will be split inot the 2 other warriors squads

    then the final 250 points

    warriors x4 52
    immortals x5 tesla 85
    upgrade 1 cryp with gaze of flame 10
    upgrade 1 of teh destroyers to a heavy 20
    annihaltion barge 90

    warriors get split into the 2 main squds
    immortals join the main immortal squd

    general tactics is immortals move and shoot
    1st warrior squad moves while other stays put, then next turn 1st squad stays still while other moves forward giveing me 1 squd with long range and the other squad is able to rapid fire
    anryker zips around poping what he can in the cmd barge and takes control of any tanks he can

    in the 750 point games

    each squad will get a crypteck and the immortals get the one with solar pulse
    each warrior squad goes up buy 3 making them 8 man unit and the destroyers goto 2 man unit

    in the 1000 point games

    cryp in the immortal squad gets gaze of flame to help in def
    warriors are now 10man strong
    and so are the immortals
    the ann barge is to help against hordes and light armor
    destroyers will deepstrike in behind the enamy where they get a better shoot at rear armour

    any questions please ask and any advice welcome

    The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.

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    Only two destroyers really isn't going to do much. I recommend taking a look at some wraiths or scarabs instead. At 500 points a small squad of 3 or 4 scarabs could be very effective.
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    Your basic 500 point list needs less models and more bang. A lot more bang. Cram the Annihilation Barge into the 500 points version if at all possible. Like, for example:

    Catacomb Command Barge
    5xImmortals w/tesla carbines and Pyrrhean Eternals
    Annihilation Barge

    Now THAT list will rock the socks of everyone at 500 points.
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