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    1500 tau army vs orks

    Ok i posted a SM list I played against a friend before and now i am wanting help with a tau list.
    The friend is entering a 1500 point tournament in late jan and wants as much practice as he can.

    I have already taken my own style of tau against him (what i would field in a tournament) but i know other people are unlikely to field that so I was looking for what is the most comman tau lists out there.
    Just so you know, he conceeded to my tau in the last game before it ended but beat my SM by a since moral test (he had to role lower than 8 and got 7) to win that game.

    This is what i think most people field (or something like this)
    HQ: fireknife with SD

    Elite: 2 fireknife
    Elite: 2 fireknife
    Elite: 2 deathrain

    Troops: 6 firewarriors
    Troops: 10 kroot + 5 hounds
    Troops: 10 kroot + 4 hounds

    FA: Piranha with Fusion, TA, Flets and MT
    FA: 5 pathfinders + DF (Dis pods, Flets, MT) - FW will steal this

    HS: 2 broadsides with ASA, (team leader with HWMT, SD and TL)
    HS: Hammerhead + dis pods, flets, TL and BC
    HS: Hammerhead + dis pods, flets, TL and BC

    Based off what i have seen online this is what other people like to take (with maybe 2 deathrain squads and 1 fireknife in Elite??

    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
    Apoc games (mixture of armies used): W5-D0-L1

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    Being and Ork Player/BA player who is looking to get into Tau.. (almost did from the get go.. WHY DIDNT I?!?!) anyways. Id say Higher Volume of Shots+Pie plates = more death for the Orks. I take it the kroot and hounds are to be kind of a screen whilst everyone whittles away thems orkses? Fire Knifes bring out High AP shots with Low Volume am i right? (been a while) and Death Rain more so? Myself id go with Firestorm-MP, BC, HWMT at 50 pts a pop yer getting 5 shots 2 at str 7 ap 4 36'' and 3 shots at 5str ap5 18'' even if Orks have Heavy Armour.. yer still popping the ork off because they dont get armour saves. Plus with yer pathfinders you can lower the KFF cover save and Nob Biker Cover saves to next to nothing haha (which orks Rely on sometimes) as For 2 Broadsides... mmmm i love them.. but... the sub-munition shot is going to be imperitive to your survival i feel. and if he's got Deff Rollas. just use your standard Rail shot and POP.

    so high volume = More death for Orks. Dont worry too much about AP on orks. (unless they have lots of Bikers/Mega Nobs)

    my normal ork list consists of at least 3 Battle wagons, a squad of Nob Bikers with Pain boy, KFF Warboss on Warbike.. and loooooots of boys to fill in the rest (Kommandos and Lootas whittling down my foe as i get nearer with the Fist of Gork.)

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