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Thread: 2k tourney list

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    2k tourney list

    Baron (attaches to Beasts)- Come out of WWP
    Haemonculus LG & WWP - move 12 inches disembark 2" and deploy WWP
    Haemonculus LG

    3 x 5 trueborn (2 with DL)

    4 x 5 warriors (1 with blaster in Venom with additional SC)
    2 x 9 wyches (w HWG) in Raider w FF (Both wyches start with a haemonculus for an instant FNP token)

    3 Beastmasters, 5 khymera, 4 razorwing flock

    2x Ravager with FF
    1 Razorwing with SC, Dissies, and FF

    Total 1997

    I have been quite happy to build this list since it is alot of fun to play and pretty solid. I do think about replacing the razorwing for a 3rd ravager from time to time but the razorwing is often my mvp. Nothing like holding the razorwing back in reserves and coming into play to destroy a 2+ saving enemy unit, horde, or deep in cover unit. The other big difference from the typical venom spam list is the trueborn with DL. Sitting back and shooting DL means they live longer than one hit wonder blaster squads. The one thing i'm not 100% sure on is the wwp for the beasts. The WWP means they can assault right into combat without being shot but is it worth the 35 points. I would love to hear thoughts on what this army may struggle with or recommendations on how to play it.

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    I was wondering if you have enough AT in this list? I only count about 14DL (for 6 targets) and 4 Blasters for 4 targets. Taken into account that 2 DL's are on you Wyche Raiders, I presume they do want to flat out to get to their target? I was wondering if your list has enough AT power to disable enough tanks in T1 or pop transports.

    Otherwise I wanted to know if your Wyche sqauds work without an Hekatrix, don't you miss Ld9 and an Power weapon of any sort?
    I am also wondering if you have enough tank targets for your opponent to saturate his AT? with only 4 Skimmers he needs to take care of T1, I do presume you can ignore the Venoms for some turns, as they don't have a large threat value.

    How about the 5 men Trueborn squad, do they survive long enough? With 36" I won't feel confident they can be in range of multiple targets and keep themselves out of retaliation fire.

    So I think it is a fun list but I'm not confident it will survive a competitive environment. IMO it lacks a clear strong point, surely if you go first, I don't see this list capable of putting enough pressure on the enemy to suppress a whole flank. On the other hand I don't think it is worth to take a WWP for only one unit to come out of there. Furthermore I'm afraid this list isn't ideal for Dawn of War deployment. Your DL trueborn will only become effective on T2 and only your beasts can profit from the WWP deployed T1.

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    I would recommend aethersials on your wyche squads.
    you can go flat out at your enemy, if it goes down, then you have your wreck or crater for cover, this essentially means a 4+ cover followed by 4+ FNP against most shooting. If you get pinned 3+ and 4+.
    If you get charged, you get to strike first, its a win win with these guys although it seems wreckless and stupid.
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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