ok so i have never in my 2 years of playing eldar used warpspiders as...well i dont know i just never used them, i've used everything else except maybe the artillery units such as d-cannons etc. Although from what i see from other eldar not many people use spiders for some reason, they look amazing. So i thought i'd try them out, posting here to see if anyone can give suggestions plus im a little boredXD.

Autarch, warpjump, power weapon, fusion gun

Fast Attack
8x warpspiders, exarch, powerblades, assault 4 spinners, withdraw

10x dire avengers, exarch, bladestorm
Wave serpent, brightlance
12x storm guardians, 2x burna's/fusion guns(depending on petty rhino spamXD), warlock, destructor
Wave serpent, brightlance

Heavy Support
Night Spinner

Total adds up to 1k points. Pretty simple and fun list in my opinion, plan is the night spinner is just going to sit in the corner and target large units to try and bog them down of course, autarch goes with spiders to harrass while the serpents move up with troops to cap and finish off whats left from the arty while poping the odd vehicle if they can see.