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    Death from above list.

    My friend and I came up with this list one day. He is looking to do Dark Eldar in addition to his Chaos Marine and Imperial Guard armies. We both feel the list is competitive (I want to make one myself), though it will be pretty expensive to do in terms of money. Please give feedback.

    HQ: Baron Sathonyx - 105points

    ELITES: 3 groups of 3 Kabalite Trueborn with 2 Splinter Cannons and one Blaster, mounted in Venoms with second Splinter Cannon - 136x3=408 points

    TROOPS: 6 groups of 5 Hellions with a Helliarch armed with a power weapon - 95x6=570 points

    FAST ATTACK: 3 groups of 6 Reavers with 2 Heat Lances, 2 Cluster Caltrops with an Arena Champion with a Power Weapon - 216x3=648 points

    HEAVY SUPPORT: 2 Ravagers with Night Shields and Flickerfields - 125x2=250 points

    TOTAL: 1981 points

    We do know that this list is severely lacking in the armor department, but feel it can fire enough shots to be effective. It is not really intended for assault, unless the Combat Drugs roll favorably and the opportunity is presented for a good pounce.
    I did advise that as groups of five, Hellions will not last long and suggested 3 groups of 11 with the same Helliarch set-up, making the troops choice cost 573 points and the army total 1984. I felt this would make the Hellion Gangs more survivable and increase the benefitts of Baron Sathonyx joining one of them.

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    this list is not competitive no.

    Hellions outside a WWP army tend not to do very well due to their poor save and having to travel so far across the table i would suggest not using them unless you are running a WWP list.
    Also in small squads like that they are next to useless, infact they would make great speed bumps(kill and consolidate faster to your army) for your enemy.
    Now don't get me wrong, every unit in the codex is great but have their own army styles.

    As for kabalite trueborn i suggest making one of them a dedicated blaster squad, drop a blaster from each squad then add it to third squad, you can keep SC's in this squad or drop them but it means you need to find 5 pts from elsewhere combined with the points you had left to spare. One blaster in each squad won't make a difference and cause you to shoot at tanks making the SC's shots useless from the squad, a dedicated one gives it the tank role, so you can concentrate on anti-infantry with other two.

    now hellions as i said before are not good in this type of army, also spending 570pts on troops is very weak, on average 800pts is good, infact we have some of the best troops in the game, so use them, wyches, warriors and wracks are fantastic for this type of list, however wyches with haywires is prob the best anti-tank we have in the game. I would reccommend 2 squads of wyches, with shardnet and impaler, agoniser, heamy on raider, then back it up with 2x 5 man warrior squads and a blaster on a venom with extra SC, this will be roughly 800pts and is very good as a troops selection.

    now the reavers, i would drop the arena champ and caltrops it will save pts, the beauty of reavers is to keep them cheap and they are still effective, if used right they should never see combat, remember they have a jump move in the assault phase of 6" and they have skilled rider, so they can go into cover and get a re-roll if they roll a 1 on dangerous terrain. A simple 6 man reaver squad with 2 heatlances is plenty, it gives duality of hitting against infantry, remember these blade vanes automatically hit, with a possible 6 to 18 at str 4, then the heat lances for tanks, they should never see combat ever and if you think they will get them outta there.

    Now for ravagers, 3 seems to be the standard as they are cheap and effective, now as for night shields i don't really like taking them, as there are generally few weapons at 36" range, everything seems to be 48" or 24", especially against marines, it will save 10 points and i rarely have a night shield help the ravager in any way, just keep the flicker field it will be fine, remember to stay between 24" and 36" away and you really shouldnt need this upgrade.

    with points saved you should be able to get the troops i suggested or your own, lose the baron and prob use the duke instead, you will get more use out of him with his double roll on drugs and having so many wyches.
    If ya wanna keep the hellion type army, use a WWP instead.
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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    Dan, take a look at some of the other lists posted in this section and the comments. I think that might be the best thing to help you and your friend develop a competitive list that you like. Good luck!
    "Is Archon Braigh-Dee going to have to choke a Wych?

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    I can see that the MSU feel to the list made it look more competitive, but honestly it could do with a few changes. Dizzie mentioned most of the problems, but I feel that with 1 group of 15 Hellions with the Baron and other units as troops (say wyches or regular warriors) you will benefit more. All of your Hellions can now benefit from the Stealth rule and they are still a potent combat and shooting unit, providing you use Raiders to block LoS to them you should have a pretty survivable squad. Now the 315 points saved from that, combined with 180 points saved from @dizzie 's cuts on the reavers, gives you 495 points to spend on more troops. The army's lack of anti-tank would suggest either wyches with Haywires or 5 man Raider squad with a blaster for cramming in anti-tank. You could fit in:

    3x 5 Warriors - Blaster, Raider, FF, NS, Grisly Trophies - 435
    2x 10 Wyches - Haywires, 1 Wych Weapon, Hekatrix, Agoniser, Raider, FF, NS, Grisly Trophies/Torment GL's - 490

    The inclusion of the Warriors will put your total Lance weapon count to 21, relatively healthy, and would also give more cover for the Hellions, but you can go either way if you wish, assuming you make a few tweaks with the trueborn squads, believe me, your list has PLENTY of anti-infantry with 3 venoms, 15 hellions and 18 turbo-ing reavers, as well as if you take warriors, the spare blaster can be used to vape infantry should tanks not be a problem.

    Hope this gives you something to think about.

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