ive been playing 40k for some time now. i got started soon after i left the army and my friends said i should go with IG. well my first army was tyranid. they are by far my favorite. but everyone likes a different flavour now and again so my second army was IG... i was remeniscent of my military days. i really only had 3 other people i played against for a long time. those 3 people played orks, ultramarines, and tau. well the tau player was always terrible. i almost felt bad stomping him into the ground, but he never really changed the lists hed bring to the table. i always wanted to give tau a shot and see if i could make it work. well, he quit the game and gave all his models to our ork player(his brother). we have often swapped armies and challenged each other with armies we arnt yet familiar with. since the ork player really has no interest in playing tau, im strongly considering taking them off his hands.

i now live much closer to a GW store and i have alot more people to play against. necron, eldar, the occasional dark eldar, grey knights... one of the guys that runs the place rolls blood angels and i cant touch him with anything... i feel ive got a fair amount of experience playing 40k, and alittle playing tau. ive read all the tacticas on this site, and a couple elsewhere and ive come up with this list. hope i dont embarrass myself!

1x ethereal 50 pts
12x honor guard squad 159 pts
bonding knife
im using the ethereal to get access to the honor guard squad. thats pretty much the only reason. +1bs is pretty nice on these fellahs, and as far as i know they are a scoring unit.

1x crisis shas'o 115 pts
airburst frag
cyclic ion blaster
multi tracker

3x xv8 crisis suits 126 pts
burst cannons
multi trackers
the shas'o and the xv8s are here to manage hordes. burst cannons and flamers ought to do the job nicely. i have considered using TW flamers, but i really feel the burst cannons work. also the only thing i could use as a filler with the extra points id save is maybe more kroot/hounds... if the TW is really that big of an advantage over the burst cannons then ill swap it... im sure ill find out play testing.

6x fire warriors 140 pts
bonding knife
hw target lock
hw drone controler
2x marker drones
6x fire warriors 140 pts
bonding knife
hw target lock
hw drone controler
2x marker drones
i dont much care for fire warriors. i know i took the full honor guard squad, but thats only because i think i can get alot more out of their ballistic skill and extra leadership(etheral) these 2 units are only around for the marker drones really... theyll squat on an objective, mark targets, and maybe pick off a thing or two. small footprint and relatively unthreatening they should avoid taking much major fire. the down side is they are small enough to go down to one dedicated volley.

11x kroot 119 pts
7x kroot hounds
i love kroot. best unit in the book imo. as a tyranid player they are the only unit in the book i actually try to avoid charging. theyre almost always in cover and the hounds munch my gaunts before they get to swing. it might be an irrational fear, but there it is.
fast attack
3x piranha 270 pts
fusion blasters
flechette dischargers
disruption pods
1 seeker missile each
these are my tank destroyers. they are NOT in a squadron. they are independent. a single piranha is easy to hide and swing in behind a tank to blow it up. when i see a single piranha and im playing my nids, i really have to consider wether i wanna charge them down and lose half the unit to the flechette discharges just to take out a single melta gun.

heavy support 240 pts
3x sniper teams
love em. nuf said.
1x hammerhead 140 pts
ion cannon
dual burst cannons
multi tracker
disruption pod
1x seeker missle
as ANY army ive played(nids, IG, necron) ive always thought that the most overhyped thing in any book is the railgun. yeah, s10ap1 looks awesome but what does that work out to? one wound on my trygon? one tyranid warrior a turn? one try to get through a monolith or destroy a leman russ? the submunition is even negligible. ive never lost more than 8 gaunts to a single shot. that said, im not going to use my tank for that roll. i do like the ion cannon however. its nice and CHEAP and gets lots of quality shots. it also pairs well with dual burst cannons.

so all in all ive tried to make my list very roll specific. specified units for killing vehicles/high armour targets, units for killing swarms/hordes, units for managing assaults, plenty of networked marker lights and seeker missiles. i know the list might not look like something youd expect to see from tau but thats also something i like about it. fighting tau has always been about target priority for me. know what to kill and when. i think alot of players see it the same way and if i bring something theyre not expecting, theyll have to think twice about every move they make.

on a separate note... the seeker missiles. i know the description of them says "each is a single shot weapon", however the weapon stat line does not say "one shot only". its not been errata'd. i asked the guys that run my local shop how they rule it and they say if you take a seeker missile on a vehicle, it can be fired once each turn. how are these typically ruled where you play? this list is strongly influenced by extensive use of them.