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    1000 point grudge match suggestions and tweaks wanted

    Hi Guyslong story short my friend who moved to Brisbane just moved back to the area and since he has been back he wont stop going on about his epic skill at 40K and me being one of the better players of my gaming club has decieded to knock him down a peg or two after saying our gaming group would never win a single match against his gaming group. So in two weeks him a few of his mates are coming down for a few games at 1000 points and know one knows what armys everyone is playing so i decieded that Dark eldar being my first army/ my favourite will be my weapon of choice. Im basicly looking for feedback on what everyone thinks of the list ive got lined up as well as any tweeks you could suggest to make it better. for some reason i cant type my list up without it condensing it into a paragraph so its included as a .txt file cheers guys

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    Just gonna throw this out here, no one likes opening attached files due to viruses etc. It's obvious this is not but some people can't tell and just avoid at all costs unless they know the person.

    Your list:
    Total- 60

    8x Wyches
    - Hekatrix
    - Agoniser
    - Shardnet & Impaler
    - Haywires
    - Raider
    - Flicker Field
    Total- 206

    5x Warriors
    - Venom
    - Extra Splinter Cannon
    Total- 110

    4x Wracks
    - Extra Splinter Cannon
    Total- 105

    9x Reavers
    - 3x Cluster Caltrops
    - 3x Heat Lances
    Total- 288

    - Flicker Field
    Total- 115

    - Flicker Field
    Total- 115

    Grand Total 999

    first off, heamy should have standard load out of VB and liq, if he ends up in HTH that VB counts, at 5pts it should always be taken.

    I'm guessing the heamy joins wyches, if not this is where he should go.

    5 x warrior squad needs a blaster

    Drop wrack squad, it has no purpose in this list, get another 5 man warrior squad with blaster on venom

    Reaver squad way too big, drop to 6 man with 2 HL's and 2 caltrops

    After the above changes This now leaves you with 52 pts to spare.
    So you can now add a wych 12pts
    take aethersails on wyche raider 5pts
    night shields on 2 ravagers 20pts
    drop 1 haywire and get heamy a shattershard too.
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