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    2000 pt Competitive "The Game Changer"


    Imotekh the Stormlord
    : 225

    Anrakyr the Traveller : 245
    - Command Barge

    Court 1 : 175
    - Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse
    - Harbinger of Transmogrification
    - Harbinger of Despair w/ Veil of Darkness & Nightmare Shroud

    Court 2 : 105
    - Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse
    - Harbinger of Transmogrification


    C'tan Shard
    : 265
    - Writhing Worldscape
    - Transdimensional Thunderbolt


    20x Warriors
    : 260

    10x Immortals : 170
    - Tesla Carbines

    10x Immortals : 170
    - Tesla Carbines

    Fast Attack

    10x Scarab Swarm : 150

    Heavy Support

    Annihilation Barge
    : 90

    Annihilation Barge : 90

    Annihilation Barge : 90


    Basic Strategy :
    Stormlord and the Veiltek attach to the Warrior unit. Each Immortal unit gets a Tremortek and a Pulsetek. I will almost always take my 75% chance at going first.

    During my first turn movement phase, Anrakyr will move 24" for 4+ cover and to get within 18" of the deadliest enemy vehicle. Imotekh's unit will teleport to within 18" of an infantry unit or 24" of a vehicle that needs suppressing. Everything else will advance under cover of darkness. In the shooting phase, lightning strikes happen, Anrakyr will take control of an enemy vehicle to shoot at something, and the Warriors will either glance the hell out of a vehicle or shoot up an infantry unit and use the nightmare shroud on it. The rest of my army will be about 18" to 24" away and will attempt to see the enemy through Night Fight and shoot up anything they can.

    During the enemy's first turn, he will have already taken some mild to moderate damage, he will be in Night Fight, all terrain is dangerous for him and up to 2 units are affected by Quake, and one of his infantry units is possibly broken and running. His movement and shooting options will both be hindered, and nothing would be in charge range. He may get some shooting off here and there but it shouldn't be significant.

    On second turn, Anrakyr will again move 24" to sweep attack and stay within his ability's 18" range. Imotekh's unit will either move to within rapid fire range if there are no assault threats, or teleport away if there are. Everything else will advance or retreat a little bit more to stay within about 18 inches, which I think is our true "sweet spot". I have found that if I try to stay at the 24" line, then I rather frequently fail the Night Fight test. However 18 inches is quite easy to roll on 2d6 x 3 and is still out of melta and most charge ranges. In the shooting phase, lightning strikes will continue, Anrakyr will take control of an enemy vehicle again, and I will be able to unleash most of my firepower. In assault, the Scarabs should be in range to tarpit something or tear a vehicle to shreds.

    During enemy's second turn, he will have the same problems with dangerous terrain and Night Fighting, plus his forces will be significantly damaged at this point. Anrakyr is swooping around through his battle line and he has a large unit of Scarabs in his face as well. He will be able to get more shooting off now since I am closer, but I should still be out of charge range except for Scarabs and Anrakyr. The enemy shooting still should not hurt too bad due to damage, casualties, and the Necrons' overall durability.

    After the 2nd game turn I estimate the enemy force's strength to be at about 60% and my own to be around 85%.

    The third turn I will deliver the killing blow. Anrakyr will move 12" to sweep attack and disembark in the enemy's lines. Everything else will move to stay in the sweet spot. In the shooting phase, my army will unload again and Anrakyr will use his ability and let loose his Tachyon Arrow. In assault phase, Anrakyr will assault whatever he shot and Scarabs will continue to do their thing.

    At this point I estimate the enemy army to be too damaged to fight effectively and it is pretty much just clean up for the rest of the game.

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    You have an awful lot of points invested into HQs and their Courts, but I have to say that Imotekh and Anrakyr promises to be a very effective combo. Imotekhs night fight protects Anrakyrs closing in with barge while Anrakyrs machine mind and imotekhs lighting wreaks havoc amongst the enemy. With hyperlogical strategy you run a very good chance of having initiative, too. Footslogging 20 Warriors might be a bit unwieldy unit size, but if you attach Imotekh there they have Relentless, which makes them a lot better.

    I like the idea how with Imotekh and two solar flares you can control the Night Fight, while with Transmoteks and Writhing Worldscape C'Tan you can control the terrain. This kind of "stacking the deck" with the basic elements of battlefield itself is something no other army can do, so it makes your Necrons personal and very "Necron-like".
    Last edited by Polaria; January 15th, 2012 at 08:47.
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    I must say : I really like the list, it's just a shame that lower point games can hardly use the same template.

    I have a single comment : I believe that you assume that the enemy will be slowed down, but I don't see how. Two transmogrification Cryptek won't stop an army (that is, if their template hits), and the C'tan causes difficult to become dangerous, but nothing more. So your 18'' sweet spot could reserve you some surprises I believe, and I personally wouldn't use Veil on such a large group of troops. I'd rather walk them there. But that's about it. I really like your HQ's combo.

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