Ok this is my 2000 pt list for friendly games. Looking for an all comers list any advice is very welcome.
For 1500 point games i use the same list minus the forge world models, plus one more scorpion.

Autarch 130


Irillyth 225

Scorpions x5 104
Exarch w/scorpion claw

Wraith Guard x3 136
warlock/ spirit seer

DA x10 152
exarch bladestorm twin shuriken

DA x10 152
exarch bladestorm twin shuriken

Rangers x5 120

Guardians x10 135
warlock w/ enhance
scatter laser

Shining spears x5 227
exarch starlance withdraw

Shadow specters x6 262
exarch prism blaster
cynosure withdraw

Wraithlord 140
wraith sword, bright lance

Falcon 210
bright lance field, stones, vectored engines

List total 1993