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    1000 points first list

    The list
    Overlord 180
    Res orb
    Royal court 270
    1 Lord
    Res orb
    5 Cryptek
    4 x Harb of Distruction (1 x solar Pulse)
    1 x Harb of strom (1 x Lightning field)

    Troops 371
    11 x warriors with overlord
    11 x warriors with Cyrptek herb of storm
    5 x immortals
    Fast attack &Heavy support 180
    6 x scarab swarms
    1 X Annihilation Barge

    Total 1001

    The plan
    1 group warriors with overlord foot slog with cover fromsolar pulse and immortals to take objectives / 1 group warriors with cryptekdefend objective from cover. Here I need to point out I have been playing IGfor a while so I am just using tactics that I am familiar with. These guys holdstill and shot if anyone deep strikes or gets close enough to assault I hopethe Lightning field will tip the balance in my favour. Mid table held by lord & 4 X Cryptek in cover with Str 8 ap 2 for any armour / high value squads and scarabs sit in cover tosupport them or spring at and armour all supported with Annihilation barge that can take out infantryor any light armour.

    Comments of list or tactics would be much appreciated

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    welcome to necrons

    decent for your first cron list

    things i would advice is to give your immortals tesla carbines if you plan on having them hold an objective, just so they can move and shoot, and i would recommend (but this is just me) to increase your immortal squad to atleast 7, i find 5 to little

    most people plan on using their scarabs to take out enemy tanks but i just use them to bog down elite enemy units

    i would also give your overlord warrior unit the lightning cryptek just because your opponent would more likely assault your overlord, but just a thought

    and finally be careful with the solar pulse, the few times i have used it it had backfired (mainly because i verse a cc DE army) i would say just drop it and either buy another immortals/warrior or give your overlord mindshackle scarabs

    best of your for your new list

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