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    2000 Whad do you think Army

    Hi people!

    I need some info about my army list. What do you think is it useful or garbage.


    Nemesor Zahndrekh [185]
    Vargard Obyron [160]

    [Royal Qourt]
    1x Cryptek Harbringer of Eternity w/ aeonstave and chronometron [40]
    1x Cryptek Harbringer of Transmorg. w/ tremorstave and harp [55]
    1x Necron Lord w/ Res. orb, weave, warscythe [90]


    5x Lychguard w/ shield [225]


    20x Warriors [260]
    10x Warriors in Ghost Arc [245]

    [Fast Attack]

    10x Scarab [150]
    5x Wraith w/ 3 whip coil [205]
    5x Wraith w/ 3 whip coil [205]

    [Heavy Support]

    2x Nihil Barge w/ Gauss weaponry [180]

    So any ideas?

    Zahndrek sits in the big pile of warriors and w/the hoe cryptek
    Obyron runs or veils with the lychguard team
    The 2nd cryptek and the lord goes te 2nd group of warriors
    The scarabs are in the frontline
    Wraiths in both wings looking for party
    Barges fire at will

    All kind of replies appreciated thank you

    "Ready My Legions - another glorious victory shall soon be ours " - Nemesor Zahndrekh to Vargard Obyron

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    wow this list is perfect imo but consider the extra shot's using telsa weapons on the barges

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    You have a problem as your original deployment plan is very much illegal.

    You see, only Zahndrekh can take a Royal Court, so all your Crypteks and the Lord will be in one Court. The problem here is that you can only attach ONE guy from each Court to a unit so you can have either Cryptek OR Lord in the Warrior squad but not both.

    There is also the added problem that Ghost Ark can only carry 10 models, so if you attach a Cryptek or Lord (or even IC) into your 10 Warrio Squad they are then stuck on foot you are wasting the Ghost Arks transport capacity. I would solve this by splitting your 20+10 Warriors into squads of 9, 10 and 11. The smallest 9-man squad could take a Cryptek and ride aboard the Ghost Ark.
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