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    1850 tourney list, advise needed

    Im taking this list to an ETC type tourney , where there is 4 players per side, just alfter some thoughts/advise on the list.

    Tyrant + 2x twin devourers + armoured shell
    + old adversary + 1x tyrant guard w/lash wip 330
    (im considering taking hive commander instead to speed up my reserves, but ive found old adversary can be brutal with this list)

    Prime + lash and bonesword 95
    (he will accompany the termagaunts to take advantage of the tervigon powers, i havent play tested this yet)

    2 x Hive Guard 100

    2 x Hive Guard 100

    Doom + Pod 130
    (i normally take 6 ymagals instead of doom , but im keen to give him a try)

    20 x Termagaunts 100

    Tervigon + toxin + Glands + catalyst 195

    15 genestealers + Broodlord w/Talons 258
    (should i just take more stealers instad of the lord?)

    5 Genestealers + toxin sacs + Broodlord w/Talons 133

    5 Genestealers + toxin sacs + Broodlord w/Talons 133
    (generally outflank these guys unless i get a nice position to infiltrate, this happens alot due to there small footprint)

    Tyrannofex w/Rupture cannon 265

    total 1839

    11pts to spend, considering = 2 more gaunts or, regen on the prime or, talons on the tervigon and 1 more gaunt.
    I could drop 10 gaunts and take another tyrant guard with some tinkering.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    344 (x8)

    Your main problem is too many stealers. They're a shock unit, not something that continues to improve as you take more and more of them. In this case that brood of 15 is going to be a massive fire magnet, which you really don't want. I wouldn't ever slog genestealers in all honesty, they're too expensive for how fragile they are. If I were you, I would cut the big brood down to 10, with toxins + a broodlord and outflank them all the time, whilst losing one of the broods of 5 and then either outflanking or infiltrating the remaining brood as seems appropriate.

    This gives you a few points to spend, so to start I would bump those Hive guard up to 3 per brood. Because your taking doom over something like zoanthropes, you need all the anti tank you can get.

    You can then bump the termaguant brood up to 30, so it poses more of a threat. On a personal note, I would rather having dual boneswords on the prime. The lash is nice, but I find the 3D6 or die is actually quite useful, whereas the 2D6 test just isnt.

    Doom is very hit or miss I find. Case in point, I recently attended a tournament and played both Space Wolves and Grey Knights. Against the grey knights he was awesome. Not only did he take out a big chunk of the enemy on landing, he was then assaulted by a librarian and 5 terminators. He held those terminators in combat for a good 4 rounds, with just a single wound remaining each time. In the 5th round, my opponent rolled high for the leadership check, lost all his terminators, and doom then head butted the librarian to death. In contrast against the wolves he died to the first melta shot that came his way, doing very little. I've found that I prefer the more reliable choices of Hive guard or Zoans though. That being said, if you wan't to give him a go, its not like he's absolutely awful.... just inconsistent

    I wouldn't normally recommend armoured shell, but in this case I cant really think of where you would be able to make use of 60 points elsewhere. I guess you could use it to turn doom into a 3 strong zoanthrope brood in a spore if you lost a genestealer and a couple of guants.... personal call I think.

    Hope thats of some use.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    12 (x1)

    Im with heirodule on this, but the 5-man stealer squads are only gonna hurt you. I'd say take 2 squads of 10 plus broodlordsw (assuming you wanted to keep those guys in - they are good character bashers) and give both toxin (talons on BL to keep him a round point cost, not forgetting he must take toxin if the brood does). that should leave you with about 50-60pts.
    Drop the tyrants shell, and swap the primes sword+lash for dual swords, and that leave you with pretty much bang on 100. You can use that to max you hive guard, or bolster your gant brood, or add a tyrant guard and gants.

    in my experience small stealer squads struggle to do the damage, especially to an entrenched foe.

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